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Best Shoes For People With Flat Feet


The tarsal and metatarsal bones in our feet are arranged in such a way that they curve and form an arch. However, in some people this arch is either too high or completely absent. In the absence of this arch, feet become flat and more or less the entire sole comes into contact with the ground. The arch may fail to develop in either one foot or both feet. This is a medical condition and individuals with flat feet are more prone to physical stress and injuries. For this reason, special care should be taken and appropriate treatment given to such feet. One of the most important things in this condition is wearing proper flat shoes that are designed especially for people who have feet with low or non-existent arches.


Flat feet are also known as pes planus and fallen arches. Fallen arches may be congenital, that is from birth, or acquired later in adult life due to any injury, illness and disease, or stress to foot. It can also occur as a part of the ageing process. Pregnancy also predisposes to flat feet. It is difficult to tell whether a newborn or an infant is born with flat feet because initially there is baby fat in the feet. Baby fat makes feet look fat. Even if a child has pes planus, it resolves and normalizes it self as long as the child walks bare foot on terrains such as that of parks and beaches and also if measures are taken to regularly exercise the feet muscles. However, adult acquired flat foot is permanent and sometimes they may even cause pain. Exercise, foot gymnastics and good flat shoes are recommended to prevent and minimize any pain in the foot and leg.


Support, stability and motion control are three factors that hold the utmost importance when choosing shoes for your flat feet whether or a athlete or not. Flat shoes are worn to prevent issues such as back ache, knee pain, tendinitis and shin splints. Shoes like high-heels, flip-flops and sandals are absolutely contraindicated in cases of fallen arches as these shoes do not provide and support. Flat shoes are designed in a way that they provide the much needed arch support. Over-pronation of flat feet and turning of ankles inwards a little bit too much is quite common when running or walking. This exposes the feet, knees and legs to stress that causes injuries. Therefore, good flat shoes must also provide a certain amount of stability to the flat feet so that they do not pronate too much. Motion control is necessary when severe over-pronation is present, as in the flat feet of athletes. These individuals need even more correction for the pronation issue and this is provided by shoes that provide motion control. Motion control shoes have foam present on the inside of the mid-sole.

Tips and Comments

Shoes for flat feet can be found according an individual's needs and genders. Nowadays, flat shoes are as stylish as they are supportive and comfortable. They came in all colors, shapes, sizes and designs. Also, there is a really helpful option of having custom orthotics and insoles built to fit your feet. Proper care and footwear is very important when it comes to relieving the pressure and giving your feet stability and yourself the liberty that you deserve!

By Anushay Q., published at 03/01/2012
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Best Shoes For People With Flat Feet. 4 of 5 based on 11 votes.


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