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The Best Style To Wear With Flats Shoes

Published at 03/01/2012 20:20:12


Coordination is important, when it comes to shoes and clothing. It has been observed that many women don’t give much importance to flats shoes. Well girls if you are ignoring the flats, you are seriously overlooking a genre of shoes that can be extremely high fashion. Yes, I agree flat shoes do come under the casual category of foot wear, but isn’t fashion about making your own statement? So why follow other? If you have been taking flat shoes for granted, well then it’s about time to stop, and introduce these flat shoes to your wardrobe. These are stylish and comfortable - a situation that any woman wants!


The Best Style To Wear With Flats Shoes

In Ancient times, as nowadays, shoe style was verbalized by fashion, amid the upper classes, at minimum. Class difference through footwear? Yes, diversity of shoe styles to designate social rank is as old as Western development. In antique Egypt, the sandal verified a person’s rank in society. Slaves either went shoeless or wore simple sandals made out of palm leaves. Public wore sandals of interlaced papyrus, containing of a even sole knotted to the foot by a string between the toes. But flat shoes with pointed toes were reserved only for the higher positions of society, and the hues red and yellow were taboo for anyone lower than the upper-class rank. Shoes have been regarded as a symbol of self-esteem since well before the Christian age.


What styling goes best with flat shoes? The question of the hour, flat sandals work really well with a nice pair of girl shorts, skinny jeans and a casual dress. It has come to my attention that mostly teenage girls, school going and university going women are seen in flats, where as there are several flats that can be worn with a sophisticated look. The good thing about fashion is that one can very easily manipulate a look and make it their own. Look around your celebrities like Madonna and Lady Gaga are always thinking out of the box, hence they are recognized as trend setters. So if you own a pair of gorgeous sandals or flats, don’t be afraid to wear them. The great thing about sandals and flat shoes is that you can put them on and just head out, that’s why most people call them “on the go shoes.” Don’t be afraid take out your flat shoes and walk the streets with style and confidence.

Tips and Comments

Flat shoes can look good with almost anything, it depends upon you what you pair them with. Identify your sense of style and buy a pair according to that, as there is a wide range that you can select from, there are pumps, flip flops, ballerina pumps and so many more. Every brand currently is producing flat shoes and they release a line for mostly spring and summers, as that’s when girls really want to wear something which is light and airy. You can style your flat shoes, with cool pair of shorts, casual skirts, skinnies and loose fit jeans. It all depends on your sense of style.