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Dresses To Wear With Fancy Shoes

Published at 03/02/2012 02:16:57


Have you always had that extravagant pair of fancy shoes, but never found the right dress to wear it with? Well, do not just think of letting that gorgeous pair go while you keep waiting for your fairytale dress. With the world being taken over by peculiar new fashions, it is important to know how you should pair your shoes with a new dress.


As early as about 8,000 BC to 7,000 BC, sandals were said to be found as the earliest form of shoes that ever existed. Made of different organic materials obtained mostly from animals, these shoes were purpose built for the protection of the foot. Once the awareness of this new invention spread around the major parts of the world among different nations, the sandal started getting the first of its modifications to upgrade its look as well as its comfort level. As trends from the prehistoric times up till evolved, a bundle of new varieties were discovered by planning out an ornamentation design on them of turn a normal shoe in a pair of fancy shoes so that people can wear a different pair on formal occasions.

The best dresses are always judged by the selection of the perfect pair of fancy shoes that a woman wears. This explains the importance of having the perfect combination of the two in order to pull up any look with that pair. For starters, if you own a glitzy pair of shoes, you can always happen to wear them with short formal dresses, knee length dresses and even the full length ones. You should prefer wearing dresses that have embellishments on them or are just a fine blend of sheer chiffon and shiny fabrics. Prom dresses can also be outshined by a fancy pair of shoes while a simple and sophisticated mini dress of smooth silk can also be worn with it. even, semi casual dresses worn to work by a large number of women also wear their fancy pair of shoes with them especially when there is a special meeting or presentation.

Tips and comments

When going to buy your dream dress to wear on any occasion with your perfect pair of fancy shoes, you may first want to know what and what not goes with your shoes. For instance, if you have a laidback style, do not go for loose jeans and an oversized tee with that pair.

To help you find a more appropriate look, you can also look online fashion lookbooks that are widely available on a large number of websites on the Internet.