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How To Match Shoes With Purses


There are a few women who think that matching their purses with their outfits is a must but whether their purse goes with the shoes really does not matter. Many of the women think that taking one bag with every outfit is stylish but many other stylish and fashion conscious women hold a completely different point of view. According to fashion designers there are rules for your shoes purses co-ordination. The shoes purses must always match instead of wearing the same bag as it gets boring, plus it’s a big fashion no no.

Step 1

The very first and foremost rule in deciding the shoes purses for your day is that you must be very much concerned about the size of your bag. If are heading out for work with a really busy and hectic day you must always accessorize your self with a giant leather bag if you are going with boots. In this case, the colors of the bag do not really matter, as right now only the size matters. The bag can be of black, white or brown color. Any other color would just look too weird and unprofessional.

Step 2

If you are heading out for shopping with your girls even then the shoes purse co-ordination is important as you want to stand out instead of looking not that good in front of your girls. So even here the big, bulky bags would be perfect for your day out with your girls since you need to be practical as well. There are a lot of things you might want to carry with you. Also, with a casual bag, a pair casual low-heeled or flat shoes are preferable.

Step 3

In case you are wearing sneakers or the simple wedges or flat heels then the newly introduced long strap bag would look great. These bags are really popular in colors like olive green and chocolate brown. So this is one of the ways to have perfect co-ordination between shoes purses.

Step 4

The other thing to make sure that your shoes purses are properly matched at a formal party or dinner is that you carry a clutch bag with your stilettos. It might be hard to find the exact color of your shoes and dress so for this reason you can carry a clutch of the contrast color or a color that is some where present in your dress. Then, match your bag with your shoes.

Step 5

The other way to have proper shoe purse co-ordination is when you are just going for a picnic or to a recreational trip to place then you can have very cute and funky colored bags. They are made up of a light weight material, usually a very soft cloth. These bags are not very expensive so more than one can be purchased. You can easily match these purses with your sun dresses or your sandals and equally florescent colored flip-flops.


The matching of shoes purses depends on the lifestyle of the women. The co ordination of bags and purses is becoming a very important thing. If you want to add some style to your life, then try to match your shoes with purses, this would help you in being more stylish and make other women envy you.

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