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5 Tips For Wearing Skirts With Shoes

Published at 03/05/2012 13:16:11


No matter what type of skirt that one wears they will have to choose the appropriate shoes to go with it. There are a wide variety of skirts shoes from cowboy boots to heels from which to choose from and complement one’s sense of style. Below are tips for wearing skirts shoes.

Step 1

The first thing to consider is the length and fullness of the skirt which will help one chooses the appropriate skirts shoe type. For long skirt it is very important to choose stylish skirts shoes such as ankle-boots or knee-length boots to get that attractive look. This is because it is not easy to pull of a long skirt without looking matronly which is the reason why it is important to pair it with the correct shoe. For the short skirt like the denim mini-skirt one can wear it with sandals when in a casual event with family and friends.

Step 2

The other factor to consider is when choosing ideal skirts shoes the place or venue where one is going whether it is formal, business or casual. For instance if it’s at the work place, one should always wear decent knee length skirt or below the knee skirt. These skirts should in turn be paired with reasonable closed-toed heels or pumps at all times. This is because it gives one the official look which is important for the work place. All sandals peep toe heels or flat skirt shoes are a no-no in the work place since they may influence other peoples perception of you in the work place and in the end make them not take you seriously.

Step 3

Always check the weather before deciding on the kind of skirts shoes that you will wear. For instance during the rainy season one can wear the long skirt with knee-length boots as it both looks good and protect the feet from the cold and rain. During the summer or warmer months one can choose to go for colorful ballet flats or sandals to wear with a short skirt.

Step 4

The material of the skirt will also determine the kind or skirts shoes that one chooses to complete the outfit. For example one cannot wear their closed-toed heels with skirts made of materials such as denim or jeans as they are casual dressing meant for informal setting. On the other hand one cannot wear the long denim with snickers or sandal as one will look disheveled but instead should be paired with knee-length boots for a classic look.

Step 5

Every time one is choosing the appropriate skirts shoe to wear they have to consider the color theme they are working with. For example when a banker is wearing a black suit to the office it would look tacky if they pair it with brightly colored shoes.

Tip 6

The most appropriate skirts shoes colors to wear to the offices should be mainly blacks, greys, dark blues and browns which are safe choices that will give one the formal sophisticated look.

Tip 7

Always make sure to wear appropriate shoes and skirt that ryhme together, to get that stunning look.