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The Best Shoes For Sports

Published at 03/04/2012 09:41:26


Whether you are a professional sports player or you just play to keep yourself fit and healthy, wearing the right shoes is the single most important thing for preventing injuries and getting the maximum benefit and advantage while you play. You need to be picky when it comes to choosing the best sports shoes no matter which physical sport you are a part of. With all the brands of sportswear available in the market, ranging from the cheap to the expensive ones, how can we know which footwear will be right for us? Every advertisement claims durability, comfort and high quality, and brands endorsed by our favorite sports celebrities seem even more enticing. Just as you play a smart game, be smart when it comes to wearing the right sports shoes and taking care of your feet.


Sneakers, trainers, joggers – you may call them any of these names depending on where you are from and what you plan on using them for. Throw out the years-old pair of sneakers before you are tempted to place them on when going out, even if it is just for your morning jog. Invest in a pair of jogging sneakers that have proper cushioning and sole support. Jogging and even running on a treadmill with the wrong sports shoes can cause shock to your feet, and your knees won’t thank you either.


The Best Shoes For Sports

Expensive brands like Nike and Adidas have put out enough advertising to convince us that their exercise and sports shoes are the best. They do have the measure of their shoes, but sometimes the most expensive sneakers in the store are not necessarily the best. That is not to say go for the cheapest pair; just don’t assume the one with the highest price tag tops all others. You need to find one suited to your needs. For athletes, shoes with extra cushioning and padding for the sole as well as durability would be the best. Football and rugby players would need spiked sneakers or with cleats and studs.

Court games like tennis and basketball require sports shoes with good soles, since the amount of movement is so much. Special court sneakers are available for such sports. Walking shoes must have good shock absorption and less plantar pressure (the amount of force that is generated when the sole makes contact with the ground). The top part of the shoes should especially be soft. Visit a retailer with sales associates who seem like they know what they are talking about. They should check your gait, the way you walk, measure your feet and find you something according to your choice of activity and playing surface. It is important to go to buy sports shoes and footwear near the end of the day when your feet may be swollen, or after a workout or game session to give you the best idea as to how your feet will feel in them while playing. Always wear appropriate socks with you. The site has a huge range of the best brands of sports shoes. If you know your way around the football arenas, consider doing shopping from this website, since it has a large selection for men, women, and children.

Tips and comments

Sports’ training is no joke, and saving your best sports shoes for the big match instead of for training will more likely ruin your game as well. If you feel clueless when you enter the sports section of a footwear store, take help from the sales people or bring along a sports-guru friend to help you decide. Investing too little into sports shoes can cause you bigger problems in the long run.