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Outfits To Wear With Gold Shoes

Published at 03/05/2012 20:31:29


Gold shoes are one of the fashionable things that modern women want because these shoes are very popular among fashion-conscious ladies in the present day. Gold shoes are the perfect matches for many of the prom dresses that are available in wide range of colors, including ivory, brown and certainly gold. These shoes are available in a variety of styles as well as several heel heights that allow you to choose according to your sense of style.

Gold shoes are made in three heel heights such as low, medium and high. The low heel shoes are made with less than 2-inch heels whereas the medium heights have the heels between 2 and 3 inches. Women, who love to wear more than 3 inches of heel, can go for the high heels, which in turn will certainly make a huge impact. The ladies may use a gold purse as an accessory to completely go with the gold shoes. The ideal pair of gold shoes along with your proper dress will help you to have a striking appearance and as a consequence, you will feel more confident.


Gold is such a color that never stops being trendy. The ladies used to wear gold shoes in ancient times; they are wearing these shoes now and will continue to do the same in the future as well. The women of Roman times wore these golden shoes, though they were generally sandals. However, there is a difference. In earlier times, gold shoes were actually made of real gold. The women of that time wore them as ornaments of their feet; they were made of the wearer's particular size and the majority of the ladies were from influential families. Though in modern times, gold shoes are not made of real gold. However, they are still one of the most the fascinating things for women to wear.


Gold shoes have a lot of features that attract the ladies of today. They are as follows:

Gold dress shoes are made for ladies to wear at the casual parties. They will help you to be noticed among the crowd and make you stunning. In addition to this, these shoes may be worn with several dresses of any design without bothering you very much.

Though gold is a metallic color, it works as a neutral shade as well. That means it works with a lot of other shades like blue and teal, etc. Teal is very lively color, and if you wear it with gold shoes, it will only add to your style quotient.

Light gold shoes for are very much in trend at the moment and each and every woman love to wear them, since these shoes are the perfect balance between the specific gold fashion and the simplicity of non-metallic style.

Tips and comments

It is essential that the shoes you wear are nice as they provide self-confidence as well as authority. Your personality is reflected by your choice of shoes. For this reason, the gold shoes should be selected wisely.