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Lyrics To the Song My Shoes

Published at 03/05/2012 01:46:05


All those who have heard the song my shoes may remember the lyrics as well. The common issue that we normally hear is that, many people don’t understand these lyrics and want to get a better understanding of what has been said in the song. All those people who have heard the song and like the melody but don’t want to know that slang has been used in the song should not read this article and if you are the one who can digest any kind of song as long as it has good melody, composition and lyrics that make sense in real life then keep reading this article about my shoes.

First Part

Initially, you will hear the sound of chorus that feels really good to ears. The first lyric of the song goes like “now look at me look at everybody else in the parking lot” which simply means that the singer is asking you to look at him at first and then observe all other people who are standing or walking in the parking lot at the moment. In second lyric, he calls attention towards his shoes that he is wearing by singing like “take a look at my shooes” the word is "my shoes" that has been prolonged to adjust with the tone of song. The singer is talking about him and repeating that he does what he loves to do and all other people just keep talking. He considers himself a very cool person and looks down upon all other people calling them lame and in the end gives the order to take his shoes to his car. He is very happy to have his new shoes and feel naughty at the moment considering himself as a real person and again ordering to take his shoes to his car.

Second Part

In second part of the song, singer doesn’t seem to be happy with his new shoes because they are not of the same size that he had ordered. He is asking, “Take a look at my shoes and take them back”. Actually, he had ordered 28 inch size shoes but the shoe maker made them only 20 inches that has made him unhappy and he is using swear words against the lady on that counter. He knows that many people won’t feel happy after listening to the song from this part and that is why he calls them haters and asks them to play this part back again and again so that they can hate him even more.

Last Part

He thinks that his shoes are dirty and all those who hate him at the moment will point them out to him. He is happy with himself though by considering him as a boss who helps the bad boys to get their work done and guides them in different ways. That is why he is repeating the term “my shoes” again and again to feel more cool and awesome.




All those who haven’t heard the song”my shoes” should listen to it for once and they will definitely fall in love with this song.