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How To Dye Blue Shoes

Published at 03/06/2012 12:45:33


Dying shoes has become very popular among shoe lovers, as it has the ability to turn your favorite shoe into any color of your choice. There might be several blue shoes lying idle in your shoe rack, which either do not have matching clothes, or are not liked by you because of their varying shades.

Step 1

Dying these shoes into other colors will not only bring in some colorful variety, but it will also save you from buying new shoes for your clothes. Although, there are several shoes material available in the market, but leather shoes are considered to be the most comfortable of all. Dying leather made shoe will give them a new shade, as well as a second chance to wear. The process of dying blue shoes long, but if you want to experience creativity, then this is your time.

Step 2

The step by step process of dying blue shoes is now defined as follows:
Select the pair of leather shoes that you want to dye. Make sure that they are not worn out and are in good shape, as the dying process will only give it a new color and it will not fix any defects. Moreover, there should also be no scratches as after dying blue shoes, they might enhance more. Attempt to dye only those blue shoes, which have been worn by care.

Step 3

Clean it with a clean soapy cloth, in case you do not have a leather shoe cleaner at home. If there is any dirt on your blue shoes, it will not allow the color to penetrate evenly in the shoes. After cleaning, dry those thoroughly, as wet shoes too cannot be dyed.

Step 4

Now the main part is to cut the color first. It is always advised to dye a dark colored shoe into another darker shade as it might cover the remaining of the previous color. However, if you are coloring your blue shoes in a light shade, then it is important that you cut the color initially. Remove all the waxes, fancies and decorations from the shoes and dip it into good quality color bleach. Use can cover the areas with a masking tape, which you do not want to be changed such as the soles, heels or any fancy time that cannot be removed.

Step 5

Allow the shoe to dry and wet it with a deglazer, which will help the color to penetrate in leather deeply.


Apply a sponge onto the color and start dying your blue shoes in an evenly stroking manner. You can use a thin paint brush for any tight areas. After dying, slowly rub a clean and soft cloth so as to remove any excess dye on it. Set it to dry and complete the other coat to give it a finish.

Sources and Citations

You can use the top coat shine available for dying blue shoes into any other color if you get the appearance to look dull.
Remember that after dying your blue shoes, you must allow 24 hours time to the shoes to be dried and available for use.