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Designer Shoes To Wear With Flats

Published at 03/06/2012 12:57:12


  • The choice of what shoes to wear and the perfect dress to go with it has always been a perennial problem for women of all shapes, sizes and height since the beginning of civilization. These difficult choices have however been escalated during our present age due to the advent of fashion houses, the media and fashion stylist who have set the dress codes acceptable to society; matching dresses with shoes and criticizing people who do not conform to the set standards. Of all shoe types, the shoe flatscategory provides women with the most difficulties in selecting the right attire to go with them.


Flats,is the general term for shoe flats are shoes that are produced with flat soles. Most flats are known to be very comfortable for the feet’s of women and their designs range from the normal to the classy.The choice of purchasing flats despite its beauty and comfort level doesn’t come easy, for different attributes have to be considered:
(1) The height of the woman; since women generally love to feel tall, the decision to wear shoe flats are usually made by tall women while most short women love to look taller than their natural heights therefore, they tend to avoid shoes (flat shoes) that do not help in increasing their natural height.


(2) Secondly, the beauty of the long legged look is highly desirable and women who have short legs tend to avoid flats which do nothing to accentuate short legs.
After purchasing the flat shoes the next choice is that of what design of clothes you need to wear to maximize the mixture of your beauty, the clothes and the shoes (flat).
(1) Skirts: beautiful patterned skirts can be worn with flats but the skirts must be chosen with the cut in mind, skirts above the knee (half an inch or an inch) accentuate the length of the legs and serves to increase the way they are viewed. The skirt should be a bit simple with few patterns to add class to the overall combination and the color should be chosen to blend with that of the shoe.

Tips and comments

(2) Pants: flats are great accessories when paired with the right pants; styles such as cropped pants, capris are encouraged, the legs of the pants should be straight legged with a little skin visible between the pants hemline and the flats. Avoid pants with lengths that tend to reach down to the shoes due to the sagging look it creates around the ankles and also avoid the lure of very tight pants.most of the people wants to wear pants with flat shoes.

(3) Dresses (gowns and frocks): knee length casual gowns and frocks cut with its hem at knee length or slightly below the knees are also great accessories with shoe flats for they produce the gay, chic look on a casual outing.
(4) The Ballerina dress: the ballerina look is also highly pleasurable and classy to look at when won with the right flats. The ballerina gown can be worn informally to parties.