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Best Outfit To Wear With Silver Shoes

Published at 03/06/2012 12:56:05


Going to a designer shoe shop and purchasing a shoe can is very hectic and confusing due to the numerous choices available for youto choose from, you turn to the an aisle and immediately you see the perfect heels for you, you love the style, height, balance and color of the shoe which is silver, you quickly buy it and take it home proud of the choice you have made. Then you look around your closet and it dawns on you that you have a serious problem. What to wearwith it?


Due to the outrageously eye-catching beauty of the shoes silver color, the task of choosing the right attire to pair with such an accessory can be very daunting; many factors need to be considered such as the type of shoe either flats or high heeled and the event you are planning to attend.
Color of the dress is usually the first attribute needed to be taken into consideration. Outrageous and garish colors e.g. orange should be avoided at all cost, the right colors are usually simple once such as white which blends well with Silver accentuating and at the same time mellowing the powerful effect of the shoes silver color.A jean, pants and gowns with white or off white coloring have a calming effect with the silver shoe and for evening dinners an off white, ankle length gown is sure to win you a lot of admirers. you can wear differnt owsumn colours of outfits which will shortly match with soiler shoes.


Black is also a color of choice for the shoes silver color, the use of black clothing gives a glaring lesson in color contrast. Most people feel black pants compliments a silver shoe perfectly but the fact is when choosing a black item, choosing either a casual or evening gown serves to maximize the power of the shoes silver color. This bold dressing signals the statement that a high self-esteemed, beautiful and courageous woman has entered the building.

Tips and comments

Dark colored clothing’s in general are good to go with silver shoes so you can try a mix of colours such as burgundy, ash, dark red deep purple etc. All this colouredattires are chosen for the main reason of not stealing the shine out of the shoes silver but keeping them the focus of your entire outfit.
As there are styles to cherish, there are also things to avoid and these include putting on shining gowns or clothes with silver shoes silver or gold gowns with matched with the silver shoe is a no, because it gives the wearer the appearance of a rolling or shining sun and the type of attention you are likely to attract is not the admiring kind but one of mirth. After all is been said and done, the silver dress is best one with a well styled black gown with the hem at knee length or an inch below the knee and a simple splattering of silver accessories on the neck and wrist.