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Vans shoes are an American sneakers brand which were primarily made famous because of their quality of product and are also the most preferred shoes for skateboarders. Today shoes Vans are a fashion statement and have gone beyond the realm of just being shoes for skaters etc. Fashion icons have named them one of the most stylish shoes ever. Shoes Vans are popular amongst most pop culture icons other than sportsmen as well. From starting out as skater shoes primarily the Vans brand has grown. They now have snowboarding shoes and also send designer apparel and accessories too for both men and women.


The Vans shoe company was started by the brothers Paul and James Van Doren in March 1966 in Anaheim California. The Van Doren Rubber Company was unique because it manufactured and sold shoes its shoes directly to the public. The popularity of shoes vans grew during the 1970’s and skateboarders who liked their non-slip, sticky rubber sole were seen sporting Vans all over. During 1975 the Vans #95 which is known as the Era nowadays was designed by Tony Alva and Stacey Peralta, the padded collar and variety of color combinations made the shoe the choice for a generation of skateboarders and BMX riders. Despite being through financial hardships during the 1980’s the Vans Company is still going strong and was labeled the best small business in America by Forbes in 2001. Since the companies conception it has come a long way, customers can now custom make their sneakers online in various patterns available and in high and low top versions.


Nowadays shoes Vans have various designs available ranging from the Era to Old Skool, Slip-On and the 106 Vulcanized shoe. Vans are not only just perfect for skateboarding or biking they are also extremely comfortable for walking. Moreover, the company is old and has a reputation for quality. Shoes vans are multi-purpose you can climb, run, jump, skateboard or do whatever you like in them. Most importantly you can get your Vans shoe custom designed on their website, just specify your requirements and choose your own pattern; the shoe will be made for you. Rather than being just a common sneaker the show will be a part of you and your personality. The brand caters for your own individual style in this way. For sportsmen these shoes are the best possible because of their safety value, they don’t slip or slide and provide a firm grip on the ground.

Tips and comments

Today shoes Vans are a style statement, thus wearing them with the right clothes and accessories is important. However, it is important to keep them in casual wear. Jeans and tops are excellent to wear with your Vans. Make sure the pattern in the clothes and shoes does not clash. Wearing Vans with graphic tees etc. is a good option as well. For women wearing them with skinny jeans, a short etc. is great. For making the outfits more girly choose a more feminine top or use girly accessories. Most importantly don’t let anything overpower your Vans because they are a fashion statement in their own right.

By Sultan Khan, published at 03/04/2012
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