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The Most Popular Shoes For Teens


The biggest advantage that teenagers have in terms of clothing, accessories and shoes that they can go all out! Be it loud, funky, out of the box or down right adventurous they have the free hand of experimenting with everything without having a few eyebrows raised. However the concept of fashion does reign over the trends that are followed by teenagers as well; come to think of it, much more for this very age group. Every teenage girl desires to get her hands on that latest pair of branded shoes in order to make sure she is the very first one to flaunt them.


The most popular shoes for teens can surely not be restricted to a kind of pair as it majorly depends on the kind of personality of the kid. if you have an outgoing, sporty, athletic and outdoor personality you would most definitely won't go for a dainty pair of ballet flats. Casual sneakers will suit your personality, activities and provide all the comfort in the world. good news for you is now these kind of shoes are flooding the party in all kinds of color palettes and designs so you can have your pick exactly according to your heart's desire. Sneakers are the kind of footwear that remain a popular one amongst teenagers because of their durability, comfort and the fact that they are so hassle-free.


Pumps and ballet flats are hands down one of the, if not the most, popular type of footwear amongst teenage girls. Now this kind of shoe has been reigning the fashion scene for quite a few years now but seems like this one is here to stay for good. This style has been varied and modified a number of times over the years such as sloop, with ruffles, with bows, slightly pointed at the front and even with a bit of a heel. However, the very basic theme of this shoe is loved by teenage girls a bit too much. Be it for everyday use for school or college, casually hanging out with friends or just taking a stroll through the park in the evening, ballet flats prove to be comfortable and most suitable for all the above mentioned situations hence they are definitely a stylish investment. The best part and may be the main reason for their popularity amongst the teens is the fact that they compliment any outfit you wear be it a summer dress, long A-line skirt, skinny jeans, leggings, work trousers or short skirts.

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High heeled shoes also remain to be one of the most popular shoes for teens, however the type heels keep on varying as per the reigning trends. Though not a very smart investment if one purchases a lot of them, every teenage girl cannot live without being a proud owner of a couple of them. These kind of shoes are also a must for formal dinners and events and especially to give a little boost to that still growing height of teenagers

By Sultan Khan, published at 03/05/2012
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The Most Popular Shoes For Teens. 4 of 5 based on 11 votes.