Favorite Shoes Of Celebrities
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Favorite Shoes Of Celebrities

Published at 03/05/2012 18:18:21


Favorite Shoes Of Celebrities

Famous people always seem to manage to look great, no matter what they are doing. Even when a singer is off duty, they often look like a proper star. Sometimes we think that the paparazzi shots are the best. They let you see what the person is when they are doing press and we can find out better whether they really do have their own style or if it is all from a stylist. Whenever we look at a celebrity up and down, the things that we naturally concentrate on the most are the shoes of the celebrity. Someone once very wisely said that a person’s character can be judged by their shoes. Therefore, the shoes of a celebrity tell us a whole lot about them.


Most of the time shoes of celebrities are perfectly suited, but sometimes the whole thing goes horribly wrong. Booties, platforms, strappy sandals, pumps or whatever category the shoe may lie in, a shoe design differs from shoe to shoe. Shoes of celebrities need not necessarily be very expensive or intricate. The person wearing the shoe really kicks it off if they know how to carry what they are wearing. There is only one way of making shoes of celebrities look expensive and unattainable. That is for the celebrity to know how to support it and make their feet look proud in it.


From award shows to sitcoms to stand up comedians, Hollywood stars and wardrobe staff love their shoes and are particular about them as much as anyone else might be. Finding the perfect pair of shoes for any given outfit or occasion can be a little tricky. Of course having a team of stylists and the world’s top shoe designers at your disposal should helps, but it is not a given. One must realize that it does not take a lot of money or a stylist to have attention-getting footwear. Therefore, shoes of celebrities may not be all that expensive as they may be attractive.

Tips and comments

It seems that a lot of women celebrities think that shoes fall into two categories: stilettos and flats. But there is a wide, wonderful world of shoes out there that may fall in between the two styles. Low heels, chunky heels, wedge heels and kitten heels are just a few of the options available to women who do not want to wear sky high heels, but do not want to spend their lives in sneakers either. In case of shoes of celebrities, it is fun to look at the newest trends. They do not have to care about not buying shoes that are too expensive and will fall out of fashion the next year. They can buy the most expensive pair in the market if they think it is in trend for only that day and will not be worth anything the next day. Moreover, they do not even have to worry about not buying very intricate shoes in case they get damaged and do not seem very durable.