How To Find Good Fitting Slip on Shoes Online
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How To Find Good Fitting Slip on Shoes Online

Published at 03/05/2012 23:38:54


How To Find Good Fitting Slip on Shoes Online

Slip shoes are popular among shoe wearers primarily because of the convenience they provide. As the name suggests, you just have to slip your feet in the shoes and walk away. There are no zippers, laces, or Velcro fastenings to worry about. In addition, they come in different styles and shapes, and owning a pair that’s stylish and comfortable just adds to the attraction of slip shoes.

Step 1

Before you surf on the net looking for a good pair of slip shoes, be sure to know your foot size. Everyone knows that standard sizes are not really standard. There are differences in the way manufacturers make their slip shoes as there are different styles and designs that exist. In addition, the size of a wearer’s feet differs in shape and length. You might be a size 8, but your toes are bulky, needing more room for slip shoes. In addition, the feet continue to grow even in adulthood. So, it is best to measure your feet correctly before attempting to do online slip shoes shopping. One good way to do this is to take your shoe size the next time you are in a physical shop. Take note of your size and use it when you do your online shopping.

Step 2

Buy slip shoes from websites that only sell shoes as these stores make shoes their business. They only handle footwear, although there can be other merchandise on their sites such as apparel and accessories. Nonetheless, the majority of their products are shoes, all types of footwear, including slip shoes.

Step 3

If you have specific brands of slip shoes in mind, check out their websites. Not only are you assured that you get the brand of slip shoes that you love, you’ll also be able to check if there are new arrivals out there. Often, the brand’s websites are the first ones to show the new styles of slip shoes in the market over resellers on the net.

Step 4

Good fitting slip shoes can also be found on websites that sell orthopedic shoes. These slip shoes are manufactured specifically for wearers with special problems. They might cost more than the average shoes, but they are comfortable and have special cushioning effect to protect the feet from impact and abrasions brought by excessive walking. Orthopedic shoes do not necessarily mean they are downright boring. There are slip shoes with an orthopedic twist that are dressy, too.

Step 5

Finally, if there is nothing that satisfies you on any website, check out auction sites. They carry different types of slip shoes in an array of fashionable designs and materials. Just remember that a pair of good fitting slip shoes depends on how accurate you were in measuring your feet. If you do this, then even buying slip shoes online is not such a big gamble. They will fit you and if they don’t, you can always return or exchange them.


How To Find Good Fitting Slip on Shoes Online

When measuring your feet, make sure that you wear socks to see if there is enough room in the slip shoes. Note that it is best to measure your feet during the latter part of the day, not when you just got out of bed. Pick up a Brannock-Foot Measuring Device or any other measuring device for accuracy, the next time you are in a shoe store. Don’t forget to measure both feet to know if you have to buy a size larger or smaller.

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