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How To Put Ornament Tops on Shoes

You Can Add Pizzazz to Your Shoes!

We all have that pair of shoes that we have worn forever and they fit so right, yet they are so boring! You know that plain pair of black heels that you just wish looked snazzier or had a different look because you love they way they feel. Now, you can reinvent your shoes. There are so many clip-on ornaments that you can add to shoes tops to make your shoes tops look brand new and fit in with any outfit whether it be for a dress-up occasion or play. You no longer have to settle for those boring flats, now you can change the way they look every day.

Step 1

The first step to embelleshing your shoes tops with ornaments is to first make sure that your shoes tops are clean. You need to thoroughly clean them so that they are free of any dirt or debris. A gentle soap and water cleaning can do wonders for any shoe. Remove any embedded dirt and clean both the inside and outside of the shoe. This is also a good time to check for any repairs that need to be made.

Step 2

Repairing your shoes can be done easily, especially if it is a minor repair. If your heel is loose, you may need to use a strong glue to reattach the heel. Check the insole to be sure it is intact and that the bottom of your shoe is free of damage. Check your shoes tops for scratches and gouges because these can be repaired.

Step 3

If your shoes tops have any scratches, you can correct these easily with a permanent marker. You can also use shoe polish to correct any scratches and remove scuffs. You will just need to start applying the shoe polish to your shoes tops and work it into the shoe surface. Once you have covered the entire shoe surface, you will need to take a soft cloth and buff the polish in circular motions until your shoes begin to shine again. You will be amazed at how new your shoes can look. Just use some shoe polish and elbow grease and get those shoes to shining again.

Step 4

Shoes tops clip-on ornaments come in many different styles. You can have flower clip-ons with beautiful blossoms. The flower clip-on is a popular look. This can truly bring a new look to your shoes! If you are looking for a more formal look, there are beaded clip-on ornaments. These clip-on ornaments can get very fancy with both beading and feathers and can give your shoes a fancy look for a formal occassion. This can be a great way to embellish your shoes for different occassions and with different colors for all new looks.

Step 5

The care of your clip-on ornaments is important. Once you are done with your clip-on, you want to make sure that you remove it from the shoe and store it in a plastic ziploc bag. Storing it in this manner, will save your clip-on ornament for many years to come and allow it to be ready to install on your shoes tops at anytime and for any occassion.


  • Work with different styles and colors of clip-ons for all new looks.
  • Make any shoe repairs before using a clip-on.
  • Add beading and flowers for embellishment.
  • Have fun and be creative.
  • Make your shoes new again.

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By David Scott, published at 03/07/2012
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