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Where To Find Size 7 Shoes

Published at 03/05/2012 18:05:13


The shoe size of 7 can unarguably be labelled as the most common of the sizes- be it in the footwear industry of men or women. The shoe size of 7 can belong to a person of varying heights, although we all know about the myth that taller people have larger feet or that people with a shorter height have smaller feet. Although these cases can be true they are no absolute criteria to determine that what shoe size one would have.


Every shoe store and/or brand will most definitely have that favorite pair of sandals that you have been drooling over in a size 7. There is always a huge chance of size 7 shoes being sold out the fastest and the first therefore keep your eyes peeled and make sure to get your hands on that scrumptious pair of shoes you have been wanting before the stock runs out because there might not be a repeat order being placed for that particular style and color.


Online shopping is the best and the most reliable option if you are searching for a pair of shoes in a certain style or design that you have your eyes set on in a size 7; good news for you is the fact that there are several sites which cater to this issue specifically i.e. shoes in a relatively larger sizes, from 7 to 15 for example. This medium of shopping ensures that you get the desired product and prevents you from going through all that hassle of searching and finding your shoes in size 7 through all those retail stores, saving up on your time and energy a great deal. Shopping physically through retail stores for your footwear may be able to get you some handsome discounts as the negotiating can be done face to face and therefore much more effectively, the online procedure of purchasing shoes in your size 7 will ensure that you have the exact product at the given time minus all the headache of going though the research procedure and checking out various outlets before finding a pair you like.

Tips and comments

One thing you should make absolutely sure of is the possibility that your size may vary according to the design, silhouette and the make of the shoe; a certain style of shoe in size 7 may seem to be your perfect fit but that surely does not mean that all other styles of shoes such as boots, wedges, platforms and/or flats should be purchased by you in the exact same size. one should always try on a pair of shoes, make sure that they are not hurting your feet from any angle, walk in them a bit and then make the final purchase. If you are a size 7 in the footwear department then one more thing to look out for is when you are shopping for shoes or sandals which have an open front. These type of shoes have a tricky size issue. One might think that shoes in size 7 will be their perfect fit in this very style of footwear, however it greatly varies according to the shape of your feet even though you might be size 7.