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About Soft Star Shoes

Published at 03/05/2012 18:06:39


A good shoe has many different attributes and anything good is, needless to say, difficult to find. Soft star shoes though, make this search easy and provide you with comfortable as well as affordably priced shoes. Good shoes need to fit perfectly, be comfortable (most importantly) and another thing that may swing you in their favor is how they look as no t many people can resist buying something they fall in love with at the first sight. Soft star shoes have it all! Comfort as well as a variety and range of different sizes and finally unique looks that once you fall for you find difficult to find an excuse to not get them. Like all popular companies, soft star shoes has a history as well and a pretty interesting one as well.


The year was 1984 when Soft star shoes started in the back of an old school bus in Texas when Tim and Jeanie Oliver started making soft shoes after they could not find shoes suitable to their tastes for their two year old daughter. Since then the family moved and grew and along with them did the business. Finally settling in Corvallis Oregon, the family had gained a considerably good reputation and was even making shoes for schools and celebrities. But the star of soft star shoes did not stop shining there; they even went on to make shoes for President Henry Ford! This is indeed a remarkable feat for any company. The company went on to expand and in 2005 the two daughters of Tim and Jeanie Oliver named Tricia and Larkin joined the company and now their families too are part of the business. In 2010 the company launched its line to accommodate runners and held a poll for fans to name the new running shoe. Since 1984 numerous additions have taken place including the company booking orders online through their website.


Initially the target market for soft star shoes was little children, who were too small for a size to fit them and who would frequently change sizes in a matter of days. As the company gained vast popularity, the overall product range for the company increased to incorporate slightly older children along with adult men and women and despite the increase, the possibilities are still endless. The company now also makes socks and leather care products. Socks are made for both men and women and are offered for the usual purpose of staying warm and wearing with shoes as well as athletic socks for running with the new running shoe. The leather care products are offered as additional ways to keep the shoes clean and shiny as not all shoes are made of leather which can be polished and made to shine. Products for the care of the Moccasin and suede shoes are also offered.

Tips and comments

Soft star shoes offer quality and service which will make you come back repeatedly, not to mention that you can custom design your shoe and all shoes are hand made by the company.