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A Guide To Buying Women's Heels And Shoes


You do not have to worry about finding the right women's heels shoes as the following tips will make the search easier for you.

When looking for the perfect women's heels shoes, the first thing is to know the feet size. It is always important to have the feet measured right before buying the shoe as opposed to using the previous shoe size. This is because sometimes the feet size changes which therefore mean one will need a different women's heels shoes size. Be careful to measure both right and left feet as they sometimes differ in size too. If one does not know how to measure the feet they can ask the store clerk or the sales man at the shoe store to do it for them.

At the shoe store try on a few women's heels shoes that tickle you’re fancy to feel if they are comfortable on the inside. Always choose heels that are made of leather as it’s the most comfortable as it absorbs moisture from the feet especially when one is not wearing stockings. If possible try them on with some socks like nylons or dress socks of appropriate thickness depending on the kind of women's heels shoes that you are buying.

Try to walk around as much as you can in the shoe store to get a feel for how the shoes fit around your heels, insteps, toes and balls. Make sure that the womens heels shoe you try one does not scrape against your anklebone or any other part of the feet. New shoes should be comfortable from the first wear do not let any sales person tell you otherwise like for instance that the shoes will get comfortable with time.

While still wearing the shoe, try to locate your longest toe to make sure that there is at most about a thumb’s width between it and the end of the shoe. This is to make sure the shoe is not too tight in any place and it gives your feet room to breath. This is because the wrong shoe can cause not only harm to the feet but sometimes even serious injury to someone’s spine. When it comes to buying women's heels shoes comfort and wearability should always come first before fashion. It is important to know that sizes of womens heelsshoes may vary in size according to the brands so do not get worried when the sales person tells you to try a half-size bigger or smaller that your usual size.


When you have settled on a particular women's heels shoes that you want to buy examine it for quality. Make sure that the heel is firmly attached to the shoe and there are no flaws. Check the interior to ensure that they are fully lined from f the front to the back. If they have any buckle or decorations they should be securely attached and not look out of place. Finally have a feel of the shoes material which should be well polished with a natural finish.

By Raphael Raphael, published at 03/06/2012
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A Guide To Buying Women's Heels And Shoes. 4 of 5 based on 11 votes.