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About the Brand Keen Shoes


If you love shoes then you must love KEEN shoes; the ultimate shoe company. This company loves sports and games as much as you do. Hence it has produced the right shoes for all sorts of sports and games for all the sporty people. Since the advent of this amazing shoe company, it has gained fame, respect and thus has grown rapidly. KEEN was awarded the Launch of the Year award in 2003. Newspapers and magazines started labeling it as the “Hot Brand.” The growth and progress of this company allowed it to launch new designs and styles in shoes which were liked by all. The progress also allowed it to add other products to its stores such as bags and socks. Richardson is administrating KEEN shoes’ social programs along with James Curleigh as the company’s CEO. The company has earned a great deal of respect in the market


KEEN was founded in 2003. The initial production of shoes was in the form of sandals which were meant to protect the toes as well. Their shoes were perfect for outdoor activities including water sports and still are. KEEN gained a lot of popularity in a short period of time. KEEN shoes provide an extensive range of shoes to be worn as casual shoes and for outdoor activities as well. In 2004, KEEN donated huge sums of money to the relief efforts taking place after Tsunami to help the victims and set a good precedent for others to follow. Currently the company makes sales of around $240 million which is quite high for a shoe company.


KEEN caters to men, women and kids from all over the world. They offer a great variety of styles in shoes and come in many sizes. The unique and revolutionary designs of this shoe company has increased its customer base and achieved a high level of customer satisfaction. Along with fancy designs, the shoes are extremely comfortable that your feet would never get tired. Shoe lovers all over the world find KEEN shoes irresistible. These shoes are designed for water sports and various outdoor activities which people love to do. Their kid’s section is divided into infant, toddler and youth. This section is filled with colorful designs and innovative styles of shoes which kids love to wear and add them to their shoe collection. Women section is divided into 6 sub-sections; trailhead, BLVD, waterfront, pedal, service and industrial. And finally the men section is divided into the same categories as the women section. KEEN shoes have an interactive website which helps you find the perfect shoe for you.

Tips and comments

KEEN shoes have various different outlets at different places for you to feel easy to visit the nearest shop in your town and grab the perfect shoe for yourself. If you are a sports fanatic or love to play outdoors with your friends, then you must have a pair of these irresistible shoes so to have fun to the fullest. These shoes would enhance your experience with sports and all the other outdoor activities.

By Sultan Khan, published at 03/06/2012
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About the Brand Keen Shoes. 4 of 5 based on 11 votes.