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About Naturalizer Shoes

Published at 03/06/2012 18:52:58


Naturalizer is a 2.3 billion dollar women’s shoe company. It is based in USA and Canada. It
is a shoe line that was introduced by Brown Shoes. Brown Shoes is a renowned brand and
Naturailzer is one of the 300 specialty shoe stores it runs and owns. It has its head office in
Clayton, Missouri. Naturalizer shoes are known for their comfort and sturdiness.


Brown Shoes was previously known by the name Bryan, Brown & Company. The founders of
the popular brand were George Warren Brown and Alvin Bryan. It was in 1927 that the Brown
shoes launched a line specifically for women under the name Naturalizer Shoes. Naturalizer
Shoes have manufactured comfortable footwear for women for a period of 80 years. Over this
time span, shoe stores were opened in over 60 countries all around the world.


All the shoes Naturalizer manufactures are centered on the N5 system. The N5 system
comprises of the five key features that the company considers essential for ensuring comfort.
The shoes Naturalizer manufactures are lightweight, have extra soft padding, airy lining, and
supple soles and provide you with perfect balance. Shoes Naturailzer creates are divided into
different categories. The company gives due importance to working women. And thus they
make shoes that allow working women to carry themselves with poise and confidence within an
office setting. In addition to this, they can be worn after work. So these shoes allow women to
switch from their hectic office routine to life outside with great ease. Shoes Naturalizer makes
also consist of dress shoes for women. These shoes add class and style to a woman’s life. Shoes
Naturalizer makes are not just limited to formal footwear but also include casual footwear. The
casual line is cool and funky. Its sandals are best suited for summer. Shoes Naturalizer makes
also cater to fitness and sports. Naturalizer recognizes the strength of women and the laurels
they can win in the field of sports. Since the brand caters to women, it specializes in producing
shoes that are very feminine. A good example of this would be the ballerina shoes. These are
not just comfortable but also look beautiful. Ryka shoes are specially designed for running.
Naturalizer shoes can be purchased by people of all income brackets. Most shoes range from
$60 to $120. Boots are the only kind of shoes that exceed this price limit. Thus, Naturalizer
Shoes combine both affordability and high quality.

Tips and comments

Naturalizer shoes can be purchased from retail stores all around the world. When purchasing
Naturalizer shoes, a great advice is to check out their official website. The company has
designed region specific sites. And therefore, no matter which country you are in you can
find information with regard to the location of its stores and the kinds of shoes available. The
company also engages in e-commerce. Therefore, you can purchase these shoes online. The
payment is made online and the shoes will be delivered to you. Just log in to their site and keep
adding desired items to your cart!