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About Donna Karen Shoes

Published at 03/06/2012 20:06:59


Donna Karen International Inc. is a leading American clothing designer and a powerhouse in the international fashion industry. Though founder Donna Karen began her career designing for women, she also designs for men, teens, children and infants. Donna Karan is a native New Yorker with fashion in the family. Her mother was a model and both her father and step-father were tailors. She functioned as the head designer for Anne Klein until 1984 when she formed her own company. She now oversees the design for two clothing lines. Karan is known for her major contribution to 80’s fashion as well as her signature collection of interchangeable coordinates. Whatever the level of popularity for Karan products may be, the Karen shoes have gained the highest level of popularity. Stylish and comfortable - one would imagine what its all about!


DKNY is a brand of a famous designer Donna Karan. DKNY, also known as Donna Karan New York styling has a wide range of shoes, clothing and other fashion accessories. Karan shoes are among the famous brands in shoes worldwide. The first flagship store of Karan shoes was opened in London and then in New York. The extensive collection by DKNY is just not about clothing but it includes a wide range of DKNY bags, watches and shoes. DKNY have brought all this together under the umbrella of onebrand DKNY whick features the modern fashion trends. They have put a great effort in making Karen shoes to be the best choice for their customers considering the fact that the shoes meet the need of and add value to the buyer. Karen shoes are modern, versatile, offer great functionality and comfort and at the same Karen shoes offer cutting edge designs and price for the shoes.


Karen shoes are available in the market for all ages: adults, teens and kids. Karen shoes offer a wide range of choice for both men and women. Karen shoes are designed to suit different occasions. DKNY offers shoes for all sports, boots, ballet shoes, cleats, heels, pumps, tap shoes, platforms, etc. Karen shoes come in different colors, sizes and shapes. During the holiday season, Karan shoes carry heavy discounts and make the prices more feasible. Moreover, the holiday season brings with it a huge exclusive range of Karen shoes.

Tips and comments

DKNY follows and meets the latest fashion trends in shoes and are made up of the finest quality material. They are seen by people as a very trendy addition to their wardrobes. Karen shoes delight women with the greatest and ahead of time designs. They provide exclusive and amazing trends. It does not all end on the design. Karen shoes provide people with a great deal of comfort, given that the material used to make then is handpicked by Karen herself. High quality leather is used in the making of shoes that carry exquisite intricate designs. These shoes provide the owner with a sense of pride and class, attributed to the knowledge that they own shoes designed by one of the most renowned designers of all time.