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There are a few things you should spend good money on. One those things are shoes. When it comes to foot wear, people tend to spend a lot of money on them. Some would even buy dozens of shoes, which includes trainers, formal work shoes, boots, sneakers, etc. There are a lot of things that you consider before buying shoes. These things include style, comfort and utility. But amongst all the brands out there, the most satisfying is the doc martens shoes, which has maintained its popularity for decades now. Martens shoes provide you all types of shoes. Their collection caters to the demand of every shoe enthusiasts. Martens shoes provide you with sandals, formal shoes, sneakers, etc.


Dr Martens shoes have been around for decades now. Martens shoes came into being when a German army doctor named Klaus Maertens created a design for him when he injured his ankle while skiing. He was on a leave from fighting in World War II. The shoes that he already possessed were hurting his feet and ankle. So he decided to create his own design, in which he air cushioned the sole. This provided him comfort, and the air cushioned also acted as shock absorbers, hence making it less painful when walked or ran. Together with his friend, Dr. Herbert Funck, marketing of his shoes were carried, making them a huge success. His shoes became extremely popular amongst the ladies. It wasn’t long when they started to market the shoes internationally, and were able to introduce them in Britain in 1960. Martens shoes recently moved its production to Thailand to reduce costs. It is, however, one of the most popular brands when it comes to footwear.


Martins shoes are a bit expensive than most of the brands. But the price of these shoes is worth it. In terms of quality and durability, martens shoes are on the top of the chain. Martens shoes are made with the best raw material out there, hence ensuring durability and quality. Every shoe has an exclusive design, giving it an exclusive look and style. Their leather shoes are unparalleled, made from pure, shiny leather. Martens shoes have air cushioned sole, which increases comfort and also acts as shock absorbers. They also contain heat sealed products. Moreover, the men’s shoes have steel caps that offer proper grip of the shoe. Other than the material and style, the products offered are great in number too. They offer shoes for different types of people, ranging from rock stars to executives. Different types of colors are also offered. For ladies, fancy shoes of a large number of varieties are also offered, and they too are more comfortable than their counterparts. Lastly, martens shoes are waterproof. Hence, rain cannot damage the beauty of them.

Tips and comments

Because martens shoes offer you such great variety, it’s better to visit their website or a nearby outlet before deciding what you want. Shoes are something in which you should invest good money if they’re worth it. And if you’re looking for comfort, style and utility, martens shoes come up to all three of these criterion. So, you need to make sure what design you want, or for what occasion you want the shoes for. Then visit the nearby outlet and try a few on. Buy the ones that look best on you because comfort and durability are ensured anyways.

By Anushay Q., published at 03/06/2012
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