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Best Selling Pair Of Jordan Shoes


The Jordan shoes made by Nike have been made popular by Michael Jordan the basketball player. Today the Jordan shoes are sold by Jordan brand, a subsidiary of Nike, they were first released in 1985 with new designs hitting the market each year. The Jordan shoes come in many colors and shapes which has made collectors stockpile quite some awesome collections of the Jordan athletic brand.

Collectors of the Jordan shoes are known to buy and sell the Air Jordan through e-bay and sneaker conventions as well as forums such as Niketalk and ISS. Some Jordan shoes models are only exclusive to particular players in the realms of sports such as PE-Player Exclusive. Currently Air Jordan sponsors about 19 active NBA players; their main endorser is Dwayne Wade who also acts as shooting guard for the Miami heat.


Some of the most popular Jordan shoes include:

Air Jordan 1-The design is often associated with Tinker Hatfield, the Jordan model was considered a breakthrough in the world of basketball and color ways. When it was initially released the Jordan shoes went for about 125 USD. The NBA banned the wearing of the Jordan shoes during the leagues as this went against the tradition of all white shoes, however Michael Jordan still donned the shoes and was fined 5000 USD for every game he wore the shoes. These events made the Jordan shoes quite popular making the Air Jordan 1 one of the most reproduced with over 96 color ways.

Air Jordan II-this version was released in 1987 and was designed by Bruce Kilgore. It was one of the models that did not have the popular Swoosh feature. Michael Jordan wore the shoes and went on to win the NBA slam dunk title.

Air Jordan III-it was designed by Tinker Hatfield and was one of the models to feature a visible air unit on the heel with a new jump man logo. These Jordan shoes were also among the first to feature the Nike Air logo on the back which sometimes later was replaced by jump man logo. The shoes were said to the favorite Michael Jordan wear as he wore them during the 1988 Dunk championships as well as many other important events during his basketball career. Though initially the Jordan shoes in this category didn’t do well in sales later in 2001 they were reintroduced in the market and sold quite well with a pair going for about 300 USD. The Jordan III has been remodeled and resold several including in 2011 when they were released as part of commemorating 35 years of Black history. In December 2011 Black Flips were released and made substantial sales.

Air Jordan IV-The Jordan shoes were released in 1989 and became one of the Jordan shoes to be released to the worldwide market but with exceptions. Later variations of the shoes were also released in 2006 while in February of 2012 Air Jordan released Bordereaux Retro Spizike 4, a remodeled version of the fourth category.

Air Jordan V-Released in 1990 and designed by Hatfield, one of the distinguishing factors from the other Jordan shoes was its reflective tongue. The Jordan shoes have continued to be released reaching up to Air Jordan 2011 endorsed by Dwayne Wade.

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