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The Best Shoes For a Long Journey

Published at 03/07/2012 23:56:46


Carrying appropriate journey shoes is vital when embarking upon a long journey. A long journey is a wonderful experience and gives one a sense of adventure. You do not know what awaits you ahead, and this makes for a truly joyous experience which is full of surprises. However, you must remember that a long journey means that you will be away from home for quite a while. Thus, you must make sure that the journey is as comfortable as possible. This includes carrying shoes, which are suitable for an extended journey. Below are some points that you must consider when selecting long journey shoes:


1) Comfort: This is the most important aspect of journey shoes. When you are on a long journey, you might require wearing shoes for extended periods of time. If your journey shoes are not comfortable, then your feet will hurt. If you wear fancy, uncomfortable shoes, then you might develop shoe bites, abrasions or blisters on your feet. This will make walking very difficult and will spoil the fun of the entire journey as you will wince every time you take a step. You might also develop a serious infection which might lead to gangrene if it is not treated with a disinfectant (hydrogen peroxide, spirit).

2) Nature of journey: What does your journey consist of? Does it involve trekking? Does it require a lot of air travel? Select journey shoes according to the nature of your journey. If you journey requires you to spend a lot of time outdoors, then it is best to wear shoes, which are strong and hardy. On the other hand, if your journey requires you to sit on trains, planes and other forms of transport for extended periods of time, then it is best to avoid heavy shoes – go for light and comfortable shoes instead.


3) Climate and terrain: These play a critical role when selecting journey shoes. Assess the climate of your destination (and checkpoints) before selecting journey shoes. If you are going to walk in a hot desert for long hours, then wear shoes which are well ventilated have high ankles – this will keep your feet cool and prevent sand from entering your shoes. If you will encounter mountainous terrain – go for shoes which provide a good grip. If you will be travelling through wetlands and marshy places (or places with high rainfall); then it is best to wear journey shoes which dry out easily. You may also wear a pair of gum boots, if your journey takes you through places with cold temperatures, or wear journey shoes which have woollen padding on the inside.

Tips and comments

4) Expense: A long journey will most definitely wear out your shoes. Thus, it does not make much sense to buy super expensive journey shoes. This not mean that you should be overly stingy – buy shoes that are fit for the purpose but keep in mind that a long journey might wear them out. You will probably spend about 8 to 10 hours in shoes every day. So buying expensive designer shoes is completely out of the equation (unless you are going to travel buy a chartered flight!)