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Top Womens Designer Shoes

Published at 03/11/2012 14:48:39


Womens designer shoes are expensive as compare to the local shoes but famous always prefer to wear these. Womens designer shoes are available with different unique, different but beautiful designs which are common in the markets. Customers can buy such women designer shoes from designer shop. Different attractive names are given to these womens designer shoes to attract the buyers. Mostly the womens designer shoes are available on the names of the designers. Common name of the womens designer shoe is branded shoes and which are popular not only in the celebrities but also in common people. Women usually desire to wear such designer shoes to give them more charming look. Womens designer shoes are available in different colors with the matching bags.


Top ten womens designer shoes are:

  • Black knee high boots
  • Black Mary James
  • Black patent leather pumps
  • Black patent leather bow pumps
  • Black patent leather peep toes
  • Black platform pumps with ankle strap
  • Black pointy toe pumps
  • Wedge loafers
  • Ankle wrap scandals
  • Privet pumps


Usually women are very careful about the shoe, cloth, jewelry and handbags shopping. Young girls are crazy about women designer shoes and buy these at any price to look charming and elegant in the parties. Celebrities wear such women’s designer shoes on night parties, red carpets, weddings and the other different events. Not all the different types of designer shoes are expensive. Some designers offer their womens designer shoes at a very price on sale. So those people who cannot afford designer shoes in season then they should wait for such sale. Designer also provides womens designer shoes on discounts or at half prices on Christmas. Women designer shoes are modern and so stylish that everyone wants to have these in their shoe collection. Sling back stiletto shoes with diamond work looks just awesome and are also the womens designer shoes. On Royal weddings such shoes are preferred to wear.

Tips and comments

Handmade womens designer shoes are available in shoe markets and expensive because lot of effort is required for its preparation. Handmade shoes look more traditional and are used on traditional events to celebrate with happiness and internal satisfaction. Different materials are used to prepare these traditional handmade sling back stiletto womens designer shoes. Different fabrics like chiffon and velvet are used to prepare these and to give glamorous look to wearer. Pearls, diamond and diamante are used to decorate these designer made shoes. Such material made shoes look nicer with dresses like chiffon type long tail gowns etc. Material and fabric made shoes are used on formal occasions while the simple velvet made shoes are preferred on formal and semi-formal occasions. Black leather wedge consists of strap and organza trim with five inch wedge and 1.5 inch platform. Leather material is used to prepare babe Betty sling back designer shoes. These shoes are available with long heel of about 5.75 inches. Louis button blue is also one of most popular womens designer shoes and are prepared with different types of laces by using multicolor.