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Famous Shoes That a Star Will Wear on the Red Carpet

Published at 03/12/2012 20:40:14


Every celebrity wants to look marvelous on Red Carpet with an elegant dress, chunky jewelry, branded hand bags and shoes star. Such types of shoes star are specially prepared for them to give the unique and pleasant look. Although sometimes shoes star are expensive but famous celebrities can afford easily. Shoes star are available with long, short and flat heels. Christian shoes star are now available in different colors and styles. Strappy scandals are most common now that can be worn with ball gowns and mermaid gowns.

Other famous shoes star are leather made peep-toe platforms with strong wooden heels, lobo tin heel shoes, high heel pumps, stiletto and foot bed shoes. Those models who want to look glamorous prefer long chunky heels with bags. Shoes star of the celebrities are available in different varieties. Different materials and fabrics are used to prepare this footwear. gaming shoes star go nicely on Red Carpet with nice outfit. Designers design such shoes star in different designs and patterns. Such shoes are easy to buy and wear. There are a lot of different famous shoes for wearing stars.


Cool open toe-design shoe is very famous shoes star. Specialty of this type shoe is sky high heel which attracts the celebrities towards it. On smart body such shoes star are preferred. Diem Brown will wear high heel booties with mini dress. Britta Lozenge prefers to wear snakeskin platform heels with Matronly dress. Usually celebrities do not wear snakeskin shoes star on Red Carpet because these are so simple and do not well on such special and one of the important occasions. Famous shoes star are liked by the fans who always wish to follow the celebrities.


Shoes star designers offer their latest collection to the celebrities to wear on such special event. Superstars do the publicity of designers footwear. Britta will wear skinny jeans with spike heels on the Red Carpet. Spike heel type shoes star are available with new ball busting sticks which enhance the beauty of wearer. Giuliani Rancid will wear black long tail dress with strap like stiletto. Red bottom shoes star give a fabulous look to celebrities due to one to two inch heel height. No doubt red bottom shoes are much longer but celebrities feel comfortable in it.

Tips and comments

Other different famous shoes stars are

1- Ninety mm wedge loafers
(Wear by Britney spear celebrity)

2- Adina pump, air force one, air max, all stars, Amy navy pumps,
(Wear by Hillary duff, Nicole Richie, Jessica Album and Simpson)

3- Ankle boot (wear by Sienna Miller and Micah Barton)

4- Ankle strap scandal (Paris Hilton will wear this on Red Carpet)
5- Arvin pumps (Carmen Electra prefers to wear on red carpet)

6- Axis foiled scandal (Carmen Style will wear)

7- Bellini slippers (Lindsay Loan will wear)

8- Ballet flat (Micah will wear)

9- Beige pumps (Hilary Duff, Nicole Richie will wear)

10- Black and white shoes with straps (Cameron Diaz)

11- Billie scandals (Jacinta)

11- Black knee high boots (Britney Spears)

12- Black ballet strap like shoes (Catherine Zeta-Jones)