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How To Match Shoes With Your Bag


According to fashion experts, strict and tight rules have to be followed when cming up with shoes bag matching . Shoes and bag matching is as important as matching lipstick shades and nail paint. If women do not give attention to this issue the result will be a shady and unattractive messy look. Fashion trends in shoes bag change very often making it necessary for you to try and follow the shoes bag matching rules properly to achieve a modern and fashionable look. Fashion accessories like the shoes bag should complete your look and it is better if they match properly.

Step 1

Shoes bag should contrast in colors in an effort to add more beauty using such an accessory. Similar colors do not look appealing and attractive. If a woman is wearing a red dress, the shoes bag should be in golden and/or black color so as to create a marvelous look for a night party or a wedding party. Shoes bag should be made of the same material. A shoes bag also has to match with the user’s entire outfit and body silhouette.

Step 2

Shoes bag matching makes a personality statement of girls and women so they should be careful when doing the selection of this type of accessory. Shoes bag looks nicer in colors like beige, purple, silver, golden, brown, pink and turquoise.

Step 3

Light and dark shades of colors used to make such shoes bag are normally selected on basis of dress color which the user wishes to wear with the shoes bag. Designer shoe bag are available in the market and they can be found easily as they come in new styles and designer and are a favorite to most customers. If you are a person who likes for instance lighter bags, you can have a custom made shoes bag that will be made according to your descriptions.The designer can add some decorations like jewerly and embroidery to it.

Step 4

If you preffer to make a shoes bag at home then try to take advice from experts in order to help you make a decent and good shoes bag which will attract the customers. Shoes bag shopping depends on budget, needs of the wearer and their lifestyle.

Step 5

The quality and properties of shoes bag should be high and good to make it easy to carry around. If someone really wants to design matching shoes bag then they should follow basic steps to become good designers. The first step is to try each and every color then mix them so as to get different colors. Try to play with the colors and keep one color neutral to prepare edges of shoes bag. This neutral color adds more beauty to these types of accessories.


If you are preparing gray color shoes bag then the shoes color to match with should be pink color. There are different types of shoes bag like dressier bags, stiffer bags, stylish bags, casual bags, formal bags, formal shoes, semi-formal shoes, semi-formal bags, party bags, evening shoes and morning shoes. To prepare such accessories professional work and high skills are required in this specific shoes bag designing. Casual bags can work well with formal purse and formal style shoes work well with sole stylish scandals.

Sources and Citations

Such creations enhance dress beauty giving you a better look. It is therefore suggested that you use unstuffed bag with casual shoe. Natural colors of shoes bag go well with every type of dresses so always try to use such accessories on casual occasions to look simple but beautiful.

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