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What Are the Most Popular High Heel Shoes Today


Shoes are indispensable to everyone as they protect the feet from the elements of nature such as dirt and water. In addition, they provide the feet cushioning needed from walking, running, and other forms of physical activities. Although modern day shoes have taken a different twist, with the existence of high shoes, women all over the world cannot resist wearing them. High shoes boost heights, add elegance and swagger to any woman.


In the olden times, there were no high shoes. In fact, the oldest shoes discovered in America in 1938 were shoes that looked like sandals. These shoes were thought to be 8000 to 9000 years old. Erik Trinkhaus, an anthropologist believed that shoes were first used from 26,000 to 40,000 years ago. Shoes were used to protect the feet from the cold, rocks, and stones when walking. Leather was the primary material in shoes that were predominantly worn in temperate countries. Since then, the form of shoes evolved beginning with improvements on securing shoes with laces to prevent them from falling off. Soon, other models came in the market as standards of living improved and technology advancements surfaced. Where before, shoes were simply flat, nowadays you can find a variety of shoes from casual and sports to dress and party shoes. High shoes came in existence in both men and women’s shoes. However, women mostly wear high shoes and there are several styles and designs of this type of footwear.


The concept of high shoes involves raising the heels from 1 to 2 inches. These shoes give added height to the wearer. High shoes come in different styles, designs, and colors. The material used in crafting the shoes, whether by hand or machines, determines its price. High shoes made from real leather cost more than synthetic ones.

One of the popular styles of high shoes is the stiletto heels characterized by heels reaching as high as 2 inches. The heels have pointed ends and often, if they are not well made, these tend to break especially if they are caught in between spaces like walking on cobblestone roads.

Wedge heels are other types of high shoes and are popular with women. Unlike stilettos that require careful balancing when walking because of the pointed heels, wedges give a better sense of balance to the wearer because the heels and soles are not pointed.

Pumps or court shoes are other kinds of high shoes worn by women during formal occasions or to parties and events. They have no shoe laces, zippers or buttons. Instead, these high shoes are just slipped on. Women like pumps because in addition to being elegant and chic, they are very convenient to wear. A disadvantage to this is that they can also easily fall off since there are no accessories that secure the pumps. Thus, women who buy pumps should make sure that they fit snugly because when they are loose, they slip off easily.

Slingbacks are also other types of high shoes. They can have open or close toes. They are secured by a fastening behind the heel. There are also other models of slingbacks that do not have fasteners that you can tighten.

Tips and comments

High shoes are not the most comfortable types of foot gear to wear. If you must wear high shoes, make sure that they fit you well for comfort. Alternate between the kinds of high shoes that you wear to give your feet a break. In addition, you’ll prolong the life of your high shoes.

By Marie, published at 03/09/2012
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