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Where To Find Women's Shoes in a Size 14


Not all shoe shops keep shoes 14 sizes in their outlets. It’s really hard to find these shoes 14 size. People who have to wear size 14 shoes, there’s a lot of problem for them. They can’t always find their sizes in every store that all the other people have no problem finding their shoe size in. Shopping has become difficult for them. The mall isn’t the place where they go for shopping, they have to go to specific outlets and these outlets have limited choice and variety. There are stores that will order the size for you specifically as well.


Shoes 14 sizes are really tough to find, as we have established that already, there a few places that cater to this shoes 14 size age group. There are quite a few websites that offer this size online. People can easily browse through the different designs they have online. The only downside is that not all the latest designs are available in shoes 14 sizes. They have very basic designs available, and that too aren’t very fancy. All the newest trends usually come in standard sizes only.


Barefoot Tess is a great website to find shoes 14 sizes. Their tag line itself is a great motivation for people, who wear this size. They offer some great designs for this particular size. The designs are amazing and up to date. People who wear shoes 14 would love to visit this website and look for their favorite design. In fact they might even feel they are looking at any regular website with regular shoes. The choice is in hundreds. So the options are various, and you will have a lot of fun finding your preferred shoes. The have flats, sandals, pumps, the boots, the heels everything. The other place for shoes 14 sizes, is, They have a great variety of shoes too. They have various brands, and give options such as Apparel Style, category, heels, color, collections, and shoe width. All these options make shopping so much more convenient and interesting. Just like it has been mentioned above, that the latest trends aren’t always available in shoes 14 size, but these websites have made a great effort to make sure these designs are available for everyone in every size. The third place for shoes 14 sizes is,, this website also has shoes 14 sizes available. The have a wide range of designs as well, in hundreds and even offer free return shipping, they don’t charge any sales tax and also offer free shipping for orders.

Tips and comments

Shoes 14 size isn’t always available at the prices that a size 8 shoe would be for. Shoes 14 size is a little bit more expensive. Their cost varies from $80 to $200 or more. Depends on the design and the material used for the shoes, the more trendily and complicated the design, the more the price. If the material is leather or suede, then yes the price will be more. But the comfort is guaranteed. Your shoes 14 size will be worth it.

By Anushay Q., published at 03/07/2012
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Where To Find Women's Shoes in a Size 14. 4 of 5 based on 11 votes.