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Shoes are an item that are worn on the feet. The basic purpose is to keep the feet protected and clean while walking. Over the years, many different types of shoes have been made. Shoemakers introduced these various types of shoes; depending on comfort, trend and fashion. The designs of shoes have varied from time to time. There are various types such as stiletto heels, sandals and flot shoes.


Flot shoes are the choice of shoes for many people. They are probably the most comfortable shoes you can find in the market. Flot shoes are also designed as boots and sandals, but comprise of a few different traits then the original shoes that make them extra comfortable and a personal favorite for people. First, flot shoes are shock absorbing. They have a sole that protects you effectively and offer protection from the impact of walking on your joints and knees. Secondly, they are antibacterial. Usually when this trait is discussed people find it intriguing for a shoe to be anti bacterial but yes the foot bed of a flot shoe is treated with an anti bacterial solution that helps your foot odor reduce and helps in maintaining the hygiene and health of your feet. Besides this, the flot shoes available in the market are Antislip. The sole of the shoe is slip resistant and gives you a firmer grip while walking and provides excellent traction.


Another amazing feature of these shoes is that they are self-adjusting and self-molding shoes. The foot bed constructed inside the shoe adjusts or moulds itself according to the shape of your foot which ensures proper fitting and provides maximum comfort to you and your feet. Undoubtedly, one of the drawbacks of fashion has always been that it has never been comfortable. Although, they seem better in appearance they are not comfortable if worn in the long run. Fly flot shoes are the perfect amalgam of comfort and support without sacrificing fashion or trend. Fly flot shoes are internationally recognized now and are a highly opted choice seeing their level of comfort and their ability to mould themselves according to the feet they are being worn by.

Tips and comments

It has been observed that wearing fly flot shoes can help decrease back pain, and ankle pain, although no orthopedic associations have recommended them till yet but still the users of these shoes have observed the results. There are types of flot shoes as well such as the flot dana which is an open toed sandal and the fly flot fabric which are boots.
Now that finally our general public is becoming aware regarding health issues there are only a small number of people left who are ready to sacrifice their health over trend. These shoes are attractive looking in appearance as well as good for maintaining the health of your feet. Another thing that flot shoes makers have kept in mind is for flot shoes to be easily available for anyone and that is why the prices are kept low and affordable. Usually people tend to buy great looking trendy shoes and then insert orthopedic accessories for comfort. This method doubles the cost price and is now eased up by the introduction of flot shoes.

By Anushay Q., published at 03/07/2012
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About Fly Flot Shoes. 4 of 5 based on 11 votes.