About Appropriate Shoes For a Christian
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About Appropriate Shoes For a Christian

Published at 03/08/2012 16:59:47


About Appropriate Shoes For a Christian

One of the things that complete your outfit is your shoes. Without a good pair of shoes, your outfit is like bread without butter. Not only does it make your outfit look bland but it also makes you feel like something is missing. A good and let me add a clean pair of shoes really tells others about your personality. According to a famous proverb you can judge a man by the kind of shoes he wears. That is true to a great extent. But it also depends in what perspective you are looking at it. For some people a pair of neatly polishes Christian shoes would mean that the person is very organized, disciplined and very professional. For others it would mean the person has a good sense of style. In a nutshell, a good pair of Christian shoes has a strong impact on your personality.


Many Christian shoes are specifically meant for the purpose of being worn when going to Church. Many Christian families dress extra especially on Sundays when going to Church so that they would look presentable in front of their Lord. Not only do they buy nice dresses but also buy a nice pair of Christian shoes to go with their outfit.


There are many kinds of Christian shoes that are perfect for Christians and they reflect different people’s personalities. First of them are “Flats”. People who wear flats are thought of as people who lack motivation and who just cannot take on the world. People who wear loafers often find themselves as thinking they are doing enough things for Jesus Christ. They think they are wasting their talents in worldly things and are not the best of Christians. These types of people need to spend more time in Sunday school working more for their religion. “Pumps” represent people who are always encouraging other people towards the good. People who often wear “tennis shoes” are thought of as people who are always hiding from their problems. They are not ready to face the world and what it has in store for them. “Boots” represent people who are mean and are always cheating on people. They indulge in fraud and are often not liked by other people. “Waders” are also people that think they are not doing much for their religion. There attendance in the church is low and they think they are just floating through the world. “Slip Ons” are another kind of Christian Shoes. These are people who think they can slip on the tag of Christianity just for their convenience and do not show people that they really are Christian through their actions.

Tips and comments

This generalization of shoes is just hypothetical. It is does not necessarily define the kind of Christian you are just because you wear certain kinds of shoes. Let this not dishearten you and do what you can for your religion. In the end it is for the Lord to decide if you have been good or bad. Do not let a apair of shoes tell you what you are.