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Easy Spirit Shoes

Published at 03/07/2012 19:17:48


Easy Spirit Shoes

Easy spirit is a brand of shoes that has been in the market for the last 20 years and is known for their innovative designs incorporating technologies that let people wear shoes that are both flattering on their feet as well as being easy to wear. Essentially, the easy shoes spirit brand is all about one thing: comfort. Their shoes are designed and manufactured along the principle that shoes should not only look good but feel good as well and most of their patented designs use design technologies that limit damage to the feet.


The easy shoes spirit that the company has evolved over the years has lead to its high place in consumer’s minds and for those people who have some sort of problematic concern with their feet, easy spirit shoes seem to be a god-sent. If you are one of those people who have been having trouble with the width of shoes in your size or if the shoes available in your size in the market seem to pinch your feet, they offer double wide shoes which can help you alleviate your entire chronic shoe fitting issues. The easy shoes spirit is mainly geared towards the designing and selling of shoes for women, however, they also offer a limited number of designs in the men’s wear category, which happen to be a great hit among men who suffer from ill-fitting shoes.


The easy shoes spirit brand offers a large variety of shoes in different categories such as casuals, heels, dress shoes, sneakers, sandals and boots which are all available in a wide variety of sizes such as the double wide and the double narrow variety. The shoes are sold not only at the brand’s own outlets but also at other stockists and departmental stores as well as the company’s own websites which are extremely popular and are always offering different promotions which attract a large number of regular female patrons.

Tips and comments

The easy shoes spirit brand is committed to providing women with footwear solutions that are trendy and fashion forward and at the same time have a comfortable design which is wearable and easy on the feet. This has made the brand a popular choice for women who prefer to wear shoes that allow their feet to breathe and with the current trend of sky high platforms and louboutins, there are very few designers and retailers who specialize in shoes that are both trendy and stylish. Added to that, the brand’s creative heads have also aimed at providing footwear to every type and size of feet out there. The company’s website claims that special consideration is paid to the fact that different women have different sizes and types of feet and almost all women want to wear something that suits their type of foot and is easy on the eyes. Keeping this in mind, the easy shoes spirit has evolved over the years and the brand offers a large range of specially designed footwear such as the anti-gravity style to the more formal and elegant pumps and booties to the casual mary-janes and wedges.