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Range Of Girls Shoes Size

Published at 03/09/2012 13:23:51


Shopping for shoes can often be a hassle for people who have odd shoe sizes. It can however be a bigger problem for girls who are transitioning from kid's shoes to women’s shoes. Often it is difficult a girls shoe sizes for a 12 or 13 year old because they have now outgrown that shoe size but yet their feet are too small for the women’s shoes that are available at shops. The shoe sizes remain the same for both boys and girls in the kids section however, by the time they reach the ages of 12 or 13 and transition to wearing men and women’s shoes the size ranges change as well. Girls shoe sizes can be easily measured.


The shoe sizing system was first developed by the British genealogist Randle Holme. The first detailed system was devised by Edwin Simpson in 1880. The need for having a standard shoe sizing system rose in the American Civil War, when shoes were mass produced in left and right for the first time. Most countries have a different shoe measuring range. The French, British and Americans all have a different sizing chart. There is still no standardization. All systems however have in common the fact that children’s sizes cater for both girls and boys and then when they grow up they turn to men and women’s shoes. Girls shoe sizes range from 1 to 13 in the US size chart, before the progress onto women’s shoes.


Range Of Girls Shoes Size

In the United States the girls shoe sizes ranges from 1 to 10 for toddlers and infants, the sizes for grade school kids ranges from 10.5 to 7. The transition from children’s shoes to women’s shoes starts from the size 4, shoes in size 4 are available for women as well. Women’s shoes are available in sizes 4 to 17. However, the age of the child will not always determine what size shoes they wear. If the girl is tall and broad for her age it is more than likely that she will wear a shoe size that is slightly bigger for her age. A child who is small for their age will similarly wear a smaller shoe. There are different measuring charts available all over the internet which enables one to convert United States measurements to United Kingdom measurements. Anyone who wants to shop online can convert sizes using the charts available. In the UK the counting starts from 0 rather than 1 so the equivalent size is a size smaller. Girls shoe sizes will vary in the same way.

Tips and comments

Shoe sizes is normally the most important when you are buying online because you don’t have the liberty of trying on your purchase beforehand. Make sure the shoes you buy online come with a return and refund policy. If however you are buying your little girl shoes from a place near you make sure that the shoes are a perfect fit. Have your daughter different girls shoe sizes and make sure she walks around a bit in the shop so you know for sure that shoes are comfortable and fit snugly.