Dresses To Wear With Flip Flop Shoes
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Dresses To Wear With Flip Flop Shoes

Published at 03/09/2012 09:32:50


Dresses To Wear With Flip Flop Shoes

Flip flops are shoes mainly used for casual wear. These flat, funky slippers are comfortable for hanging out with friends and for relaxed days out on the beach. These flip shoes come in a variety of patterns in colors from funky floral patterns to edgy skull patterns. They can be worn by men and women of any age.


Traditionally called Japanese sandals, flip flop shoes have been used in the South Pacific as beachwear since the 1920s. They became popular in America when they were first introduced by servicemen returning from Japan. The traditional version of the flip flop had a woven sole. Plastic soles came into being a decade later. The first plastic-soled flip flop was patented in New Zealand by Morris Yock in 1957. In New Zealand they are commonly known as jandals and in Australia as thongs, however, in the United States and the U.K. they are most commonly known as flip flops.


Flip shoes, or flip flops, have been traditionally used as beach wear, but nowadays we see more and more people wearing them in their regular lives, rather than just leaving them as beach wear. However, flip flops can’t be paired up with every sort of dress. They are casual footwear and must be worn casually only because ultimately they are only a plastic or rubber sole with a strap on top. Lots of times women make the mistake of pairing flip flops a summer dresses; this is a mistake which spoils the overall look of the outfit.

Flip flops are usually best paired up with jeans if you are making a quick trip to the grocery store, going out for a cup of coffee or simply going out with your close friends. Pair flip shoes up with short denim skirts. The bold colors and patterns of flip flops will add a splash of color to your outfit. They are perfect to wear on a lazy summer morning. They also look great with casual shorts. Anything casual can be worn with flip flops. Wear leather flip flops if you are going out with friends and are wearing a casual dress. Some women make the mistake of wearing flip flops to office; this is a big no-no. Flip flops can only be worn casually; for formal events or going to an official workplace they are inappropriate. Don’t wear flip flops with formal clothing such as dresses. They will make you look tacky and silly.

Tips and comments

When you wear flip shoes, make sure your feet are clean and you have a nice pedicure. Since most of your feet are exposed in flip shoes, dirty feet and broken nails will make you look cheap and tacky. Find flip flops that fit you; if you get a pair that is a little large, people will hear the slapping sound when you walk for miles. Replace your pair regularly, flip flops have generally short life spans since they tend to get dirty very quickly. Make sure you don’t use yours more than one season.