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The Best Arch Support Shoes Recommended By a Dr


Arch support is crucial for foot comfort. We often neglect this support and don't realize that we truly need it until we are faced with the crushing pain of arch failure. Pain in the foot and some foot disorders can be prevented by simply using Dr. shoes with good arch support. Many shoes these days promise that they are supportive to the feet when they actually are not. It is important to know that you can get good Dr. shoes that offer support to your tired and aching arches no matter what type of arch that you have.

Step 1

The first step to finding good Dr. shoes is to get your feet analyzed by a podiatrist. He or she will be able to tell you what type of arch support that you need. Some people have a very high arch while others have what is called a flat foot. A flat foot needs even more arch support than a normal foot because there is no arch due to the muscles of the foot being weak. If this support is not given, the foot can turn to the side and almost collapse as you try to walk.

Step 2

If you are looking to get your feet analyzed there are also now feet scanners that can tell you what type of support that you need. It is recommended that you check with a podiatrist, but if you truly cant afford to see a doctor, then the foot scan is the next best thing and can truly help you get a good arch support shoe. The scan works by analyzing your foot as you stand on a scanner. This tells the machine where you have pressure points and how strong your arch is. It will even recommend insoles for your shoes based on the free scan.

Step 3

The best Dr. shoes have stability and comfort in mind and not always looks. Good Dr. shoes should comfort each area of your feet, leaving no area with pressure and pain. If you begin to use these types of support shoes and feel pain and pressure, then you need to be re-sized and go with another type of shoe. You should not be feeling foot pain once you are fitted for Dr. shoes. Your doctor can help you choose the best pair that will fit your foot needs and give you comfort and style as well.

Step 4

Once you have been checked and know your needs as far as support and sizing, you can find Dr. shoes in many shoe stores and even online. It helps if you can actually try the pair on to check for comfort and support before you make a purchase. If you do purchase online, be sure that the store does have a return policy so that it can be returned if the Dr. shoes cause you pain or just do not fit correctly. Some stores have limited return policies so you must check this out carefully.

Step 5

A foot specialist can also recommend supports that can be worn inside your existing shoes. Some of these arch supports are fitted by your doctor and strapped on before you place your shoes on. The Dr. shoes supports can truly help the pain of fallen arches and give you back your balance and stability. You dont have to continue walking in pain and discomfort. You can truly get help with all your foot issues. It is amazing what the simple thing of added support can do to a painful foot. You will be amazed at much easier walking and standing is. Ask you doctor today about what options of Dr. shoes you have. Your doctor can greatly advise you on choosing the best pair.


  • Get your foot analyzed.
  • Visit your doctor.
  • Choose Dr. shoes carefully.
  • Choose for comfort and support.


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By David Scott, published at 03/09/2012
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