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How To Buy Shoes At Wholesale Prices


So you're interested in buying shoes at a wholesale price? In this economy, who can really blame you? However, there are many things you need to watch for when buying shoes wholesale at a cheaper price online. Many name brand companies will sale shoes in bulk for wholesale prices, but you have to watch for the companies who claim to have the real deal. There have been too many people to fall victim to a fake pair of Jimmy Choo shoes. Whether you want to buy shoes for yourself or resell them online you have to first find great deals.

Step 1

Naturally, like everything else in fashion, you have multiple brands to choose from. Choosing a brand or a type of shoe in particular that you are looking for is a good start while doing your research. Narrowing is down to one brand at a time will be easier when it comes to finding the wholesale shoes  prices.

Step 2

Wholesale shoes sizes are the next big issue when it comes to finding the shoes you want at a cheaper cost to your pocket. You will be surprised to find that many retailers do not carry above certain sizes, and that they may have to be specially order. If able to at all. Knowing exactly what type of shoes you want is always the first thing to consider. Do your research on the Internet before making any expenditure as some dealers can be very expensive. The best way to search the Internet for deals is to enter the terms wholesale shoes or cheap shoes.

Step 3

The only down side with buying wholesale shoes prices in most wholesalers expect you to buy in bulk, which could end up being pretty costly even if they are only $20 a pair and order at least 250 pair. Even though wholesalers state a set price for their websites and in their advertisements, many will be acclimated to negotiate with you. In most cases, when you have built up a reputable relationship with the wholesaler, bartering will be much more easier. Nonetheless, between department store left over inventory and increased manufacturing production the online wholesale shoe market is booming. Online shopping allows you to compare prices from multiple different manufacturers without leaving your home, and helps mainly with the time process.

Step 4

There are even many generic brands that look almost identical to the real deal. Many suppliers I have found carry brand name wholesale shoes such as Nike, Adidas, Gucci, and many more. Its all about what you are wanting to give yourself or your customer. There are an numerous amount of websites that deal with wholesale shoes online these days and all of them have different cost brackets.

Step 5

With the Internet offering such a big base of websites for the wholesale shoes market, I can see a vast majority of people continuing to buy shoes online. I have found that it takes much less time to be able to shop from home, not to mention you don't have to waste gas getting around. I hope you found this article to be helpful in you search for wholesale shoes. 


Always make sure you are buying your wholesale shoes from a reliable company. Make sure the company lists their telephone numbers for customer service on their websites, in case you ever need to contact them for anything. Also review the terms and conditions of the wholesale shoes you are looking to buy, there may be some conditions that you can not just comply with.

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By Southern Bell, published at 03/13/2012
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