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Where To Find Size 14 Shoes For Men


When it comes to finding the right shoe size for men in the market, one has to explore different options. The regular shoe sizes, 8 to 12, are easily available in all the shoe shops. But for anything above or below the regular sizes, special orders have to be placed to find the correct shoe size. Size 14 shoes are difficult to find as compared to the regular shoe sizes in the market. However, there are many men, especially professional sports players who require big shoe sizes like size 14 shoes.


Shoe markets aim to provide their customers with a variety of shoe sizes. They focus more on the production of sizes which are the most common amongst their customers. Unfortunately, the larger your shoe size is the more limited options you have to find the right shoe size for yourself. Size 14 shoes are available in some shops but are not very common as it is considered an irregular size. However, over the past years, many shoe outlets have started to offer special services to their customers, which include ordering a special shoe size. Many online shoe shopping websites are also able to accommodate the demands of customers with different shoe sizes. The variety of shoe types and designs might be limited on some shops but many of them offer good quality products.


Now a days many shoe making companies have started to take online orders. These shoe orders are completely customizable according to the specific needs of the customer. This includes ordering the right size of the shoes, whether they are size 3 or size 14 shoes. Many websites like, and offer shoes for men who require large sizes. Tall basket ball players and also many athletes from other professional sports take full advantage of these online shoe shopping websites. These websites also offer home delivery services for the convenience of their customer. Besides these, traditional shoe shops in the markets have also started to take special customer orders. These services are mainly offered by official shoe shops of the respected brands.

Tips and comments

As size 14 shoes are rarely available in the regular shoe shops, people who have this size are advised to surf through the internet for online shoe shops which offer a diverse range of shoe sizes. Some websites may not have featured their entire shoe range and sizes online but the order for your required shoe size can be placed easily. Special websites like are there to monitor the needs of people who require large shoe sizes. However, the price for these large sized shoes would be higher than the regular shoe sizes available in the market as a special product is being made for each customer. Also a useful tip for all men buying shoes is to make sure you try the shoes on before buying them since size 14 in shoes can differ from shop to shop. So don’t buy a pair unless you have tried it on and ensured that it is comfortable and fits you best.

By Maryam Cheema, published at 03/11/2012
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