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About Calvin Klein Shoes

Published at 03/09/2012 17:22:03


Calvin Klein is a world renowned brand. It owns many stores around the world. The brand is based in America. They design and manufacture a wide variety of items including clothes, shoes, watches, perfumes, undergarments etc. The brand is popularly known by the monogram “CK”.


Calvin Klein Richard studied in the Fashion Institute of Technology. As a student of fashion and design, he always aspired to be a fashion designer. After his graduation he started the company Calvin Klein Limited in Manhattan. It all started with a coat shop. The initial investment was only $10, 000. Within the coming years it expanded its business. It especially became popular as a result of its perfume and underwear line. It was in 2002 that the company was sold over to Phillips Van Heusen. Phillips Van Heusen owned a shirt making corporation. In the past, the brand has seen many bad times and at one point it almost got bankrupt. However, it managed to plunge out of these precarious situations. Today it is a brand that is promoted by some of the top models of the world. Its designs are mostly promoted through fashion shows in different countries of the world.


Calvin Klein shoes are very popular. They are known for being stylish and classy. Calvin Klein is a brand that caters to both men and women. The shoes it designs are equally popular for both men and women. They are recommended by almost every stylist. You can see these shoes being worn by socialites and celebrities. Calvin Klein shoes for women cater to all their needs. You can find designs for the working women. It designs chic shoes to be worn on formal occasions. The Calvin Klein shoes that are casual are cool and funky. In addition to this, Calvin Klein also designs women sport shoes. These include sneakers, runners etc. The t-strap pumps for women are particularly popular. These are made of faux snakeskin. The CK Lucia Pump is not just graceful but extremely comfortable. Calvin Klein shoes for women are very feminine. A classic example of this is the ballet shoe. Calvin Klein shoes for men are designed to stand out and be extremely comfortable. The sole is usually made of leather and is light weight and airy to increase comfort. Calvin Klein dress shoes have been always in style. Calvin Klein 'Estell' is one such dress shoe that has always been treasured for its classic appeal. It is made to look like a bicycle toe.

Tips and comments

You may not find Calvin Klein shoes being sold in ordinary retail stores. They do not form a part of high street fashion in many parts of the world. You can purchase these from elitist stores. These are usually very expensive. They cannot be afforded by people in the middle income bracket. When purchasing Calvin Klein shoes you must be cautious of counterfeiting. If you are looking to purchase only original Calvin Klein shoes then you must be able to distinguish them from copies of Calvin Klein shoes. These are of a low quality and are sold at a reduced price.