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The Best Womens Dress Shoes

Published at 03/10/2012 15:57:26


Women have an obsession with shoes. They can buy over a hundred pair of shoes and get
extremely paranoid when it comes buying shoes. They pick and choose shoes very carefully
from all the varieties that are available. When dressing up for formal occasions, they require
the perfect dress shoes. Formal occasions include such events as dinners, gatherings, events
and official work.


In the very past shoes were worn as a necessity. They provided protection against germs.
They also guarded the feet against any physical injury. During the earliest times, shoes were
made from the most basic elements such as sticks, leaves and wood. The most common kind
of footwear worn was sandals. However, today footwear is far different from what it was
centuries ago. Industrialization has speeded up the manufacturing process. Shoes can now be
produced in large quantities. Shoe companies produce millions of shoes on an annual basis.
In addition to this the shoes are not just worn as a necessity now; they are also worn as a
fashion statement. Designer shoes are worn by socialites and celebrities who are seen as the


Buying the best womens dress shoes can be a hard task. You need to take care of both the
price and the latest fashion trends. The best womens dress shoes are those that match the
color of your dress and go well with the occasion to which they are to be worn. For example,
if you are buying dress shoes for a wedding you need to look for womens dress shoes that are
beautiful and classy. You also need to take account of the color of the dress. Lighter colored
dress shoes would be the best choice for the occasion. These colors include beige, ivory, cream,
white etc. If you are looking for the best womens dress shoes for the work place, then you
need to have comfort as your first priority. Even if you wear heels to the office they need to
be comfortable. This is because you have to move around and engage in different activities. At
any shop you visit, you must put on the dress shoe and walk in it a few times before making
a purchase. The best womens dress shoe for the office would be slip-ons or dress loafers. If
you are going to an event at night, the best choice for you would be the stilettos. These are
sexy and chic. They can make even a simple black dress stand out. There are a number of shoe
companies that are very popular for womens dress shoes. Naturalizer shoes are excellent if
comfort is your priority. If you want to buy something elegant and price is not an issue for you
then it is advised you opt for some of the more expensive brands. These include Calvin Klein,
Prada and Marc Jacobs.

Tips and comments

When it comes to buying womens dress shoes, it is advised that you don’t buy shoes with straps. This is because if strappy shoes are worn for too long they begin to cause pain. The best shoes are those that you can wear with confidence and poise.