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A few classic shoe styles enjoy as much popularity among the current generation of women as Mary Jane shoes. This highly versatile footwear is a must have for women of every age. Modeled after the formal black leather shoes worn by girls in schools, a traditional Mary Jane is actually a strap shoe that has round closed toes, low heels and a single buckle strap that goes over the foot and ties at the ankle. Classic Mary Jane shoes for children are typically made of black leather or patent leather; have one thin strap fastened with a buckle or button, a broad and rounded toe box, low heels and thin outsoles. Among girls, Mary Jane shoes are traditionally worn with pantyhose or socks, and a dress or a skirt and blouse. Among boys (less common), Mary Jane shoes are traditionally worn with socks, short trousers and a shirt.


Mary Jane shoes are considered formal when worn by young girls. Mature women can wear these for an informal look. With celebrities around the world sporting Mary Jane shoes on the red carpet, the popularity of these sandals has received a renewed boost in the recent times and every fashionista wants to own a pair of these to look chic and stylish. Originally available in black leather, today you can pick up a pair of Mary Jane shoes in a wide variety of colors and leather. The more popular designs of this footwear now come with block heels of varying heights and are available in open toe, peep toe and pointed toe designs as well. Mary Jane sneakers are also available in many more stores across the country.


As long as there is a strap running through the middle top of the feet with buckle at the ankle, the shoe can qualify as a Mary Jane shoe. Some recent Mary Jane shoe designs also include multiple straps that have sequined detailing around the buckle. These look quite classy and can be paired with a summer dress or a day dress for understated glamour while attending a family get together or catching up with friends over a cup of coffee at a barista. Mary Jane shoes were an integral part of the Lolita fashion as well as the punk rock and Goth subcultures that saw women wearing these along with knee-high stockings or sock that came in bright contrasting colors. These looked best when worn with pleated school girl skirts to complete the look. Some celebrities are bringing back these fashions by making an appearance on the red carpet in this look.

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Mary Jane shoes have come a long way from being flats that were ideal to be worn by young girls when they went to school to the stiletto and chunky wedge heel designs in which they are available today. You can thus take your pick from a wide selection of this sandal design to suit your taste and budget. Mary Jane shoes come in variable designs and sizes and can fit most occasions and feet.

By Sultan Khan, published at 03/11/2012
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