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About Jane Shoes

Published at 03/11/2012 22:01:02


Mary Jane shoes have been around for decades and surprisingly have never gotten out of style. They are worn all over the world by trillions of little girls, teens and women. Basically, they are closed and rounded, low heeled shoes with a strap or two across the instep made of black patent leather. However massive variations in their designs and colors occur. Mary Jane shoes are typically worn with socks, dresses, blouse and skirt but they are suitable for all kind of clothes including jeans. They provide a correct fitness, comfort and give a simple elegance to the legs.


Traditionally a female shoes, Mary Jane shoes have also been worn by males throughout the history. This can be seen in paintings of certain era. Some examples include men during Renaissance, boys and men from imperial China, John F Kennedy's son, Princes William and Henry in late 1980s. The name of Mary Jane shoes came from a popular comic strip named Buster Brown. The comic was created by Richard Outcualt in 1902. It was about a mischievous boy Buster Brown, his dog Pit bull terrier and his sister Mary Jane. Mary Jane always wore the same kind of black leather, low cut shoes with closed broad rounded toes. In 1904, Outcualt went on a trip to promote his comic. Due to the popularity of the comics, Brown Shoe Company decided to do a partnership with Outcualt and adopted the comic's characters, Pit bull and Mary Jane, as their mascots. The shoes became popular with the trademark 'Mary Jane' shoes. They were considered to be appropriate for formal occasions and school and were a part of the uniform of girls and boys. However, in a short span of time they become an iconic fashion statement among women and girls. The classic type is still worn but several styling cues and modifications have been added.


Mary Jane shoes exude a classic style for every event. Wear them with your jeans, shorts, button down shirts, skirts, dresses and whatever you wish, tie your in pigtails, pony tails or let your hair down - Mary Jane shoes will complete your look adorably in any way you desire. They are no longer confined to a black leather and are produced in every engaging color you can imagine. They are now morphed in to bold chunky heels, backless mules, pointed toes, platform styles and countess other designs. Buy them as flat pumps or long boots, the choice in your. If you are a school girl, the flat pumps are a perfect choice for you. Mary Jane shoes are also popular among the babies.

Tips and comments

Mary Jane shoes have become a must-have for every girl and woman. They are perfect for hanging out, work places, schools and formal occasions. They are extremely durable and last for a long period of time. Additionally, they protect the feet from cold and are quite cozy. Get a pair of Mary Jane shoes and express your style in a breezy, charming and adorable way.