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Best Insoles For Shoes Prescribed By a Dr

Published at 03/15/2012 08:03:22


Staying active is the essence of life which makes your life worth living. The more you move around, more are the chances for you to stay young and healthy till 70’s. That is why, it is suggested to make exercise and sports one of the most essential part of your daily routine. This will not only keep you energetic but will also help you discipline yourself. However, it should be considered that the shoes you wear during playing and running around should be comfortable and easy to carry. Most of the joint disorders surface due to the use of uncomfortable shoes. Therefore, the selection of appropriate pair is a crucial step. The shoes with the ebst insoles should be adopted for the desired results otherwise; the contour of the feet gets hurt. It is strongly recommended to take the advice from your doctor before buying shoes if you have already any issue of joints and limbs. There are some specific brands which can be considered to be the dr shoes as they are normally prescribed by the physicians on the basis of quality of insoles of these shoes.

About Spenco

The first and the most noteworthy of the dr shoes is the Spenco. The shoes have polymer stuff as an insole. The material has nitrogen as an ingredient which is supposed to provide support and cushioning to the feet while movement. The layers of the dr shoes ensure that the pressure is exerted on the specific sensitive points in the foot which relaxes your senses and you do not feel tired even after wearing the shoes for long hours. These shoes are not very expensive and that is one of the reasons why people prefer them as the first choice.

Sof Sole for an athlete

Another dr shoes are those by Sof Sole. Yes! If you are an athlete and want to enjoy your sporting activity without getting tired, it is strongly recommended by physicians to go for the Athlete Performance Insoles which fit in the feet of all sizes and make you feel comfortable while playing. The curve of the foot is well-adjusted with that of the insole so as to provide the optimum cushioning when you are on the move. The air bag technology used in these dr shoes makes them soft to wear and you feel like flying in air.

Doctor’s choice for daily use

One of the mostly prescribed shoes insoles by the doctors is the Superfeet. There are further any varieties in these dr shoes. As for example, if you want them for your daily use, The Green are the best choice however, if you want to have tightly fitted pair, Black and Blue Premium Insoles make a better option. On the other hand if you are a woman, you should go for the Berry which is especially designed for the best cushioning for softer skin of ladies. These were a few types of the dr shoes insoles which could help you getting rid of the exertion and fatigue you feel after having a long day out.