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How To Find Shoes When You Are a Size 12


The standard shoe size measurements in the shoe industry always number men’s shoe size to be two times bigger than that of a women’s shoe size. Finding shoes in size 12 was once considered to be a great issue because a number of retailers, distributors and store owners didn’t stock the size. They found the size to be too big for the market, thus not stocking it. And even if they did, the quantity wasn’t enough to meet the requirements. Unfortunate enough, a number of brands also do not cater shoes in size 12. And, the brands which manufacture this size do so in a less quantity. This makes a men having shoes in size 12 very difficult to find the right pair of shoes for his feet. Another unfortunate thing is that even though you come across a shoe that is 12 in size, you will not find much verity in it. Thus your choice of choosing a 12 size shoe will be limited.

Many people feel frustrated of not find a pair of shoes of their size. On the other hand, there are many people who are embarrassed about their odd size of feet. If you think find shoes size 12 is a big task, or your feet size is a social embarrassment for you, then there are a number of ways you can easily come across this size of shoes and not find you in an awkward situation.

Step 1

There are a number of online store that are dedicated to serve all people who need shoes in size 12. The Internet is the best place where you can find the right size of shoes for your feet. You can easily look up for pictures that have a clear resolution. They offer a verity of shoes of the respective size. You can get these shoes from online stores at a very flexible replacement policy. These stores may also have branded shoes. Finding the right pair of shoe size for your feet online saves you a great amount of time, money and energy.

Step 2

Never look for stores that have limited amount of space. They have a lot of factors to look on like paying salaries, maintaining overhead and other such things. With all this over their head, they do not put them to risk by putting up shoes that sell quite slowly.

Step 3

Many brands now manufacture shoes size 12 for all those with big size feet. You can look for your size at these brand’s retailer stores either online or in your nearby stores. These brands manufacture a veritable range of shoes, including size 12.

Step 4

If you do not find the right size shoe in your area, region or country, you can always try out other places. In every country, the shoe size will differ. It is based on the in which the shoes are manufactured, which brand manufactured them and most importantly, for which gender the shoes are for.

Step 5

When you find a shoe the size of your feet, remember to get them in a darker tone. Darker tones always make things look universally smaller than they actually are.



By Ignat Victor, published at 03/16/2012
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