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How To Find Shoes With Wide Width


Have you ever experienced shopping for shoes with wide width? Then you probably have known how time consuming and stressful it can be. Shoe stores will typically buy in bulk a wide shoe selection of the most popular sizes. In this set up, even when there is huge market of wearers with wide shoe requirements, still these group of people with non-conventional shoe sizes tend to be missed out very often which turns out to be very frustrating for them.

Finding dress shoes with wide fitting can also be quite as difficult to do. Most sports shoes are flexible and have the capability to stretch to a certain extent; however, formal shoes and strappy sandals are not as forgiving. Women born with wider feet than the average will mostly find formal affairs one of their biggest challenges for that reason alone. Thankfully, the increasing popularity of online shopping creates a balance and has helped to address this issue.

When you’re in the process of trying on shoes with wide width, make sure that your foot is accurately measured to determine the exact size you wear. Length is not the only thing that you should consider but you should know your shoe width when shopping for a pair that fits you perfectly. Here are the steps you can follow to correctly measure pair of shoes with wide fittings.

Step 1

Try to measure your foot using any measuring tools. You can measure your foot with the help of a ruler or measuring tape, or perhaps an old pair of the similar type of shoes you wish to buy. It is very likely that if woman has a pair of old shoes with size 10 fittings and she wants to buy another one of the same size, the width will be just about the same.

Step 2

Take an accurate measurement of the length of your foot. This is a very useful step to determine which shoes you should purchase. Doing this will assist you to know the length and width of your shoes and make sure to write down for future reference.

Step 3

Make a measurement for your shoe’s width. This step comes in handy especially when you want to correctly fit it. Ensure that the measurements you’ve made for your feet are accurate and matches with the shoe’s varying specifications pertaining to width. If the shoes with wide size won’t fit, it could be that your measurements may have come out inconsistently.

Step 4

Consolidate each precise measurement. This will help you a lot most especially when trying on several shoes. Use a tape measure or ruler that falls to a sixteenth of an inch at the minimum. Estimate your measurements to the closest range. You can also round off to the nearest inch for better estimate.

Step 5

Try wearing the shoes. Try on the shoes with your size that accurately matches your measurement based on the length and width of your foot. If they fit you well, your measurement is correct. If not, your measurement might be remotely off or the shoes were made based on a different width or length and specifications.

By Ignat Victor, published at 03/15/2012
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