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After diamonds, shoes are the best friend of a woman. They not only complete the outfit but the kind of shoes women wear defines their personality. The other accessories, besides the shoes, which complete a woman’s outfit, are handbags, jewelry and hats. What a delight it would be if all the things are available at one place and that too of notable quality? Island Shoes is the answer to all women’s problems and not less than any fantasy land. At Island Shoes, you find shoes and every other accessory of a top-notch quality at reasonable rates.



Island Shoes is located in Pawley Island, which is actually a small municipality in South Carolina, America. It is a small town and less populated compared to the other towns of South Carolina. It’s known because of the relaxed pace and comfortable cozy environment. The Island shoes are a proud addition to this place and through their remarkable services, they have created a niche for themselves in the fashion industry.


Island shoes are more famous because of the online shopping services. Although many people who visit Pawley Islands are fascinated by the small yet inviting interior of this shop and are reminded of fairy tales. As soon as you enter the shop, you are welcomed by the chiming of the door bells. Then you are left completely mesmerized by the massive and enchanting collection of shoes. You name it and they have it. From cute little pumps to exotic high heels, from casual flip-flops to elegant pencil heeled sandals, they have everything. During winters, the favorite and the widely bought shoe ‘by women are the depressed suede long boots. They are known as the depressed suede boots because they give the appearance of soft suede and are quite comfortable. They are mostly available in a red color. All the ladies out there can also order shoes online as well as by using email to obtain all the necessary information. You just need to know the exact shape of your feet. You need to be sure of what you want to buy because once you order it, it’s almost impossible to replace or exchange the order. The best thing about this shop is that they present you a colossal variety of shoes and most of them are branded as well but they are available in affordable prices. Not only the shoes of this shop will take your breath away but the other accessories such as handbags are also guaranteed to do so. The clutches are exquisite. They have big loose funky bags plus the small purses with delicate chains. The jewelry section includes bracelets, rings, necklaces, earrings and beautiful hairpins. The jewelry is simple yet modern. Most of them have small stunning stones embedded on them.

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Therefore if you have difficulty in finding the right kind of shoes for your self immediately log in to the website of Island shoes and buy your favorite shoes. It is open six days a week so you can buy the shoes any time you want. Those of you who hated the shoe shopping endeavor will definitely change their mind after they get a glimpse of this spectacular shoe shop.

By Anushay Q., published at 03/12/2012
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The Best Island Shoes. 4 of 5 based on 11 votes.