About Kenneth Cole Shoes
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About Kenneth Cole Shoes

Published at 03/12/2012 22:52:17


About Kenneth Cole Shoes

If you are interested in wearing good brands that define your personality more clearly and also add to your style, it is not hard to look for the right store that would satisfy you. The fashion industry keeps on developing with time and we see that designers from all over the world have emerged with excellent work to prove that they can satisfy the wants of a layperson and provide them with the best to wear. Kenneth Cole is also such an international brand that provides its customers with the ultimate comfort and poise when it comes to fashion and having a high quality wardrobe. The brand not only provides a variety of clothes for men and women but is also very famous for its footwear; Kenneth shoes are very popular because they have all kinds of shoes for people coming from different professions and age groups and the comfortable quality always pleases the customer.


This fashion house was founded in 1982 by Kenneth Cole himself. The company started from scratch and had to build its way up to the top for having a good reputation in the highly industrialized and competitive fashion market. Kenneth Cole changed the name of his company later on and it became Kenneth Cole productions; this is when Cole applied for a permit for filming the movie “The Birth of a Shoe Company. The company sold about 200 pairs of shoes during the first two weeks because of the success of the film project. Kenneth shoes are currently being sold in 90 retail and outlet stores all over the world and are earning more than ever.


The Kenneth shoes collection includes boots, sandals, high heels, open flat shoes and every kind of design that one could choose from. The designs in men’s footwear are not limited, they are built from the best leather and include high quality soles that provide comfort to the feet and also increase the durability of the shoes. The heels are very comfortable to walk in and sizes of all kinds are easily available. Although Kenneth shoes are expensive as compared to other brands, their footwear designs are unique and always stand out from any other shoe collection in the market.

Tips and comments

It is best that you look at the Kenneth shoes online store which is on their official website and keep yourself updated for the latest news about the company sales and promotions they have to offer. You can also order Kenneth shoes from the website and have them delivered through shipment in any part of the world but always remember that the delivery cost would be included in the payment and you might be charged for more than the only price of the shoe. Kenneth shoes are best to buy at the end of the season because they are offered with great discounts and you can also sometimes choose a pair of your own choice for free with the one you are going to purchase. You will never regret buying a pair of Kenneth shoes for yourself.