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Shoes are worn not just as a necessity but also to serve various purposes. We require shoes in

daily life to walk and protect our feet from filth and injury. However, in addition to this there

certain kind of shoes that assist in performing difficult tasks. Sport shoes, for example help

different athletes in achieving their targets. Runners allow an athlete to run with speed during

a race. Similarly, when it comes to activities like mountaineering and hiking you cannot wear

ordinary shoes. You need shoes that are robust to withstand the rugged terrain. These shoes

are built with the incorporation of finest technologies to provide grip and allow you to remain

firm on the ground. The kind of shoe you wear to expenditure is crucial in determining your

success at it. North Shoes are designed for such activities.


The North Face company was founded in 1966. The first retail store was built in San Francisco's.

North Beach neighborhood. The founders of the brand were Douglas Tompkins and Kenneth.

Klopp. They were two hikers who were passionate about mountaineering. Their passion led

them to build a store that would specialize in the manufacture of mountaineering equipment.

In 1968, the company decided to move to Berkley from where it continued to carry out its

vision. In the 1980s the designers of North Face remained busy in designing and producing

equipment for skiing. The North Face company continued to expand its line of products. It was

in 1990s that the company began to manufacture trekking and trail-running shoes.


The variety of North shoes available is immense. North shoes can be found for both genders.
The company manufactures shoes that are equally good in quality for both men and women.
North shoes are unique because they have been made using innovative techniques and the
latest technology. North shoes have undergone testing in proper laboratories. The company
lays great focus on research and thus creates designs that would prove to be durable and
enduring in tough conditions. It employs special fabric technicians to ensure that the material
used can last in extremities of weather. The designs of North Shoes are constantly being
changed in accordance with the feedback given by the North Face Athlete team. This team
of athletes is maintained by the company to ensure that the shoes meet the needs of these
people. Most of the shoes are made to be light-weight. This helps athletes carry their weight
when climbing/ hiking. North Face shoes have helped climbers reach some of the highest
mountain peaks such as the Himalayas, Mount Godwin Austin etc.

Tips and comments

A great tip in buying North shoes is to go online and check out the official website. It contains
information on all the kinds of shoes available. It also mentions the price of each shoe and
contains vivid images of the shoes. You should compare the prices of the different shoes that
are available before making a purchase. It is best that you only buy a shoe once you have
carried out a thorough research.

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