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About Juicy Couture Shoes

Published at 03/13/2012 19:52:43


Juicy Couture isn’t a name that has been around for centuries. But we can surely tell that it will definitely stay for the centuries to come. Juicy Couture shoes aren’t the only thing that made it so popular. All the other products by Juicy Couture are exceptionally good. They were known for the beautiful velvety tracksuits that they used to make. The gorgeous combination of baby pinks and bright pink with brown and black, we all fell in love with was introduced by Juicy couture. The tracksuits to the bags and the Juicy Couture shoes are all in this combination. In fact people associate these two colors with Juicy Couture.


About Juicy Couture Shoes

Juicy Couture’s objective was basically to make a brand that was girly and was completive with the other big names in the industry. Even though the initial aim of the Brand was to provide affordable clothing to the general population, this was not the case; the prices are not in the category of affordable any longer. Despite this, the juicy couture shoes and bags are big hit with the ladies. You won’t find a woman, who doesn’t know about Juicy Couture and there will a majority that owns a juicy couture shoes or bag, or even a tracksuit.


Juicy Couture shoes are extremely chic and comfy. They make shoes that target a different target audience. Juicy Couture shoes can be flips flops, sandals, heels & wedges and flats. The flips flops are made with a plastic/silicon material, which is perfect for summer/spring or even going to the beach. They are available in bright colors, such as shocking pink, Blue, Orange, black etc. You will always find the colors of the shoes extremely bright and appealing. If they aren’t bright then they are the official colors of Juicy Couture, Baby pink and brown. Juicy Couture shoes always have their patent logo on them somewhere. The juicy couture shoes are embellished and have cute bows on them as well. Basically juicy couture shoes are extremely girly. Juicy Couture shoes are very limited in designs. You won’t find a massive collection, but you will find a small, simple and striking collection. The flats are cute, yet elegant; they have beautiful embellishments on them and are class juicy couture shoes. The Wedges are trendy and more towards the neutral shades. They have wedges style flip flops as well, that are extremely comfortable and stylish.

Tips and comments

The price range of juicy couture shoes starts from $75 and goes up to about $300 approximately. The shoes can be bought at one of the Juicy Couture outlets or can even be ordered online. The same juicy couture shoes that might seem like they were going to empty you bank account, are actually on very reasonable prices when they are on sale. Juicy Couture shoes are also available at the big multi designer stores, such as Macy’s, Bloomingdales, etc. Other big stores also carry juicy couture shoes and other accessories. The brand is a favorite of younger girls and older ladies. Every woman loves the brand.