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BCBG is a big name in the Fashion industry. The brand is by the French designer, Max Azria. His brand has apparel and accessories both. BCBG is known for its clothing, but also for the stunning BCBG shoes. The BCBG shoes are a treat for shoe lovers. The designs, the quality, the color, the material, everything is just right. Even though Max Azria is a French designer, he is based in LA and works from there. He has gotten a big name for himself in this world of fashion and shopaholics! His clothes and shoes are some of the best, money can buy. You will always be satisfied with your purchase with this brand


Max had been designing women’s clothing for a long time before he started BCBG. BCBG was short for French ‘Bon Chic, Bon Genre’. In 1996, Max started designing couture gowns for the red carpet and the A-list celebrities. His Brand for the A-listers was called ‘Max Azria Atelier’ where as the brand that catered to the public at more affordable prices was called ‘BCBG Max Azria’. Big stars such as Fergie, Sharon Stone etc. wore his gowns. He was a star and everyone loved his work. BCBG shoes were also building up their momentum.


Now BCBG shoes are a big name and people are hooked to them. You can find BCBG shoes makes, heels, platforms, flats, boots, wedges, sandals, Evening sandals and a lot more. The BCBG shoes price ranges from approximately $190 and goes up to about $400. But the shoes are worth every penny. They are chic, vibrant, Good Quality and comfortable. The designs are unique and attractive. You can pick up a beautiful silver sandal for a nice evening dinner or party, or you can pick up an exquisite red carpet show stopper pair of heels. Whether you are going on your first date or celebrating your twenty fifth wedding anniversary, you can always find the perfect pair of shoes to go with your outfit at BCBG shoes. You have the privilege of ordering online or you can pick up your favorite pair of shoes from the nearest outlet. BCBG shoes that are not yet out on the racks are always available online for pre-ordering. If you are looking for flats that are comfortable and look good, you can find an affordable pair of flats at BCBG shoes that will range from $85. BCBG shoes have really striking and comfortable designs in the Blocked sandal category as well.

Tips and comments

BCBG Shoes are so exotic looking and striking that, you might not find in any regular shoe store. And while you are at BCBG shopping for shoes, you can also find yourself, a nice matching bag with the BCBG shoes, and a beautiful watch to go with all and complete the look. If you feel that BCBG shoes are a little expensive for you then you don’t have to worry, there’s a very good solution. You can always buy the shoes on sale. The BCBG shoes are at the most affordable price when on sale!

By Anushay Q., published at 03/12/2012
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About Bcbg Shoes. 4 of 5 based on 11 votes.